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9/22/06 Giants (Sanchez) @ Milwaukee (Davis) 7:05 CT


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Well, here are the lineups again (courtesy of trwi7). Go home team, and avatar guy.




1. Winn CF

2. Vizquel SS

3. Hillenbrand 1B

4. Bonds LF

5. Durham 2B

6. Alou RF

7. Feliz 3B

8. Alfonzo C

9. Sanchez P




1. Hart CF

2. Graffanino 2B

3. Fielder 1B

4. Hall SS

5. Jenkins RF

6. Mench LF

7. Bell 3B

8. Rivera C

9. Davis P

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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jenkins starting against a lefty? give me rottino, maybe clark, but jenkins (and yost) need to realize jenkins is, at most, a platoon player on next years team.


Don't you know that when Jenkins hit a walkoff homerun against a lefty he earned AB's against lefties for the rest of the season?


Not looking forward to Mench roaming left field or watching him bat for that matter.

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what ever happened to rottino getting "extensive" playing time? does yost hate him like he hated corey earlier this year?


From milwaukeebrewers.com:


Last week, Yost said he expected to play utility man Vinny Rottino extensively over the final games of the season. That hasn't happened.


It's a numbers game, according to Yost, who may be feeling pressure to avoid a 90-loss season (the Brewers were 69-83 with 10 games left). Jenkins, Hart and Tony Gwynn Jr. have emerged as the regular outfielders, and David Bell and Jeff Cirillo have been rotating at third base. That leaves catcher, a position Rottino is expected to play in next month's Arizona Fall League.


"Our catchers really know each individual pitcher and their game plan, and it's really hard to put a kid back there that's never caught them," Yost explained. "Right now, pitching is so important for us that I'm a little hesitant to do it. It's not that I don't think Vinny can catch."


I still think getting Rottino playing time is the way to go, at this point it doesn't matter if we lose 90. I just want to see the young guys play.

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Anything other than hate is fine with me. That word gets thrown around so often on message boards. No one could possibly hate as often or as much as we see that word. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

That’s the only thing Chicago’s good for: to tell people where Wisconsin is.

[align=right]-- Sigmund Snopek[/align]

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LOL, speaking of Jenks platooning, we have enough MLB (at some point in their career) outfielders to field an entire team. Jenkins, Hart, Mench, Nix, Gwynn, Gross, Clark, Anderson, Rottino, Krynzel. Getting a little excessive, I think.
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let's go Jenkins, you nancy-boy lousy brontasaurus-sized dung-heap sorry-excuse-for-a-ball-player, godawful pitching-wedge-carrying drive-your-team-into-the-ground with your complete and utter lack of meaningful corner-outfield production hmmm i'll decide to relax a little and find my swing and pile up useless stats in September once we get our 82nd loss - "it's my grey year and i need to adjust to no greenies and no pre-game butt-cheek needle pokes" - swing-and-a miss-strike-three this is the only uniform i've ever worn and the media is soft enough so my cushy life is not ever threatened by awful amateurish un-prepared batsmanship and preventing corey hart from april at-bats is my lasting legacy maybe the royals will sign me with their veteran tendency hoping to cash in on an all-star game weekend trade for AA prospects - it's not like you even beat Cuba for a gold medal or something similarly arbitrarily celebrated you've just happened to be around long enough to gain recognition and jersey sales despite the revolving door of ownership and GMmansship and "I HAVE NEVER KNOWN A WINNING RECORD IN MY PROFESSIONAL CAREER" with a hole in my swing so big parents bring their kids to see me on vacation instead of the Grand Canyon with a nonchalance and aura of non-competetiveness that stokes the fire of mediocority the city of Milwaukee has learned to embrace and accept. and doesn't deserve.


I hate Jenkins.


Don't let the door hit your backside on the way out.

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the Anthony Mason acquisition takes the cake and perhaps will never be equalled in terms of negative damage done to the franchise. that said, I despise to my very bone marrow core the pick-up of Jamaal Magloire when we had the up-tempo-Euro-eastern conference Phoenix Suns model built and ready for exploitation.


Dumping Magloire and Jenkins in the same calender year would single handedly re-affirm my antes to the table of Milwaukee sports for a good three years.


and wow, Bonds not even making a throw there was pathetic.

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I despise to my very bone marrow core the pick-up of Jamaal Magloire when we had the up-tempo-Euro-eastern conference Phoenix Suns model built and ready for exploitation.


I'm still on the fence with the Magloire deal. I liked Mason and what he brought to the table but Smith was hurt most of the season so basically all we would've had in the frontcourt was Bogut and Gadzuric.

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