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A post I think everyone here should read

Ok -- I understand the frustration about the Brewers on the road. They are 8 games under on the road. So just for fun, I looked at the rest of the league. First off, there are only 8 teams in all of baseball above .500 on the road. Secondly, the Brewers have the best record in baseball at home. The Brewers are slumping a bit right now, but the Cubs just aren't going to win 5 out of every 6 games for the rest of the season. While it would be awesome if the Brewers won 12 in a row here and the Cubs faded and we ran away with the division, that just rarely happens. The Brewers are in their first pennant race in a while, and all were getting here is "THE SKY IS FALLING!" posts. Before the season started, if the ghost of Babe Ruth came down and offered us the opportunity to be 2 games up in the division on July 26, we would have jumped on it. Now, we are in that position, and its all doom and gloom. It's a long season-- early in the year the Cubs played like crap and we were white hot. Now we're slumping some, and the Cubs are making up ground. If the Cubs had played .535 baseball all year long, we would have the same lead as we do now. But they got to this point by playing .400 basbeall for 2 months, and now they're playing .700 baeball and making up ground. Relax everyone.
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A Cubs fan friend of mine called today to let me know that they are 2 games behind the Brewers (like I wasn't aware of that). I just said, "So, you're calling to remind me that the Brewers are still in first place? Thanks for the call."


I agree with the original post that there is no reason to panic with 2+ months to go. I also agree that some people are a bit edgy right now, and there is going to be some backlash. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


These pennant chases should be fun. All that matters is who is ahead on Oct 1st. The Cubs will cool off, and the Brewers will (hopefully) get the bats heated up again.

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i think there are a lot of reasons to panic. nothing wrong with a little calm apprehension, and i haven't really seen much 'sky is falling' threads on this board in a while.


plus if Ruth did come down in the offseason and offer us a two game lead, i can't figure that everyone would have automatically taken it. It's still a bad division and we have a good team, better than we've been showing the last couple months.


i used to be rah-rah even during the May slump, but yeah, i'm starting to panik a little bit. though we can assume the Cubs won't keep playing .800 ball, we also can't assume they won't stick around and give a great chase.


if the Cubs built a 4-game lead in the next two weeks, do we have the team to catch up and play .800 ball ourselves the way everyone but Braun's majorly slumping right now?

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