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5/16/06 Phillies (Lidle) @ Brewers (Capuano), 7:05 PM CST


Cory Lidle (3-4, 5.12)


Lidle was bombed for the first time this season on Wednesday as he allowed eight runs (five earned) in two innings to take his fourth loss -- Rotowire




Chris Capuano (4-3, 2.83)


Capuano had a quality start against San Diego on May 10 giving up three runs on six hits in six innings of work. However, he did not get any run support and was credited with the loss.


Game Preview:



Media Coverage:

TV: FSN North

Radio: 620 WTMJ

Internet: MLB.com Gameday, ESPN.com GameCast



Chris Capuano vs. Philadelphia Hitters

Cory Lidle vs. Milwaukee Hitters


Phillies Fan Sites:



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Oof. Russ with the nice chart above me. Nice work.

I'll be at the game tonight, stop and say hello if you'd like.

sect 120

Row 2

seats 7,8.

I"ll be in the Brewers hat, my buddy is a Phillies fan. (yeah, I've tried to fix his ways...)

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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Not a question about this game, but about the series. Why is Lil Ben scheduled to pitch tomorrow instead of Bush? It doesn't look like Bush will pitch until the Minnesota series. Why?
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Nice little piece of info from philliesphans.com....


They were doing a review of the 2002 draft, and they had this to say about 6-10:


06. Zack Greinke (KC)

07. Prince Fielder (MIL)

08. Scott Moore (DET)

09. Jeff Francis (COL)

10. Drew Meyer (TEX)


Greinke, before his personal issues, was experiencing his growing pains at the big league level, getting whacked around on a nightly basis. Fielder we dont have to explain, as he was a potential ROY before Cole got called up. Moore has been a relative bust, and is now in the Cubs org. Francis is taking his lumps with the Rockies, but looks like hes got a good idea of how to pitch, and will be a solid MLB pitcher. Meyer had a nice year at AA last year, but struggled at AAA after he was promoted. Looks to be solid, but not yet outstanding.


I know this is just one guys opinion and he doesn't represent the whole board, but talk about small sample size compared to microscopic sample size.


If they think that pitcher they called up is going to produce the same results night in and night out, i feel bad for them.

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I hope that Yost will load up on lefties - i.e. Gross in center, Koskie, with Jenks and Prince....Lidle has a pronounced l/r split, and Koskie has owned him in his career. I would actually like Koskie in the 2 hole for this game, but that is just me. I think Hall gets the day off, with Hardy playing today.


I would note that the Phils have 3 lefties in their bullpen in Fultz, Rhodes, and Cormier.

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Hopefully we can rough him up, real bad.


I sure hope we do too. But rememeber the Brewers always allow big games to rookie pitchers. It is almost a given that he will end up with like 7 K's and maybe 1 ER.


Here's to that streak ending this week! Prince better show him who the true Rookie of the Year is!

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No Brady in center today, I've got to say I feel confident about this lineup.


 Philadelphia Milwaukee ------------ --------- Pos Player HR RBI AVG. Pos Player HR RBI AVG. --- ------ -- --- ---- --- ------ -- --- ---- SS Rollins, Jimmy 4 12 .248 2B Weeks, Rickie 3 10 .287 2B Utley, Chase 8 26 .302 SS Hardy, JJ 5 14 .240 RF Abreu, Bobby 4 23 .257 RF Jenkins, Geoff 5 21 .260 LF Burrell, Pat 10 28 .286 LF Lee, Carlos 15 32 .296 1B Howard, Ryan 12 27 .302 1B Fielder, Prince 8 22 .321 CF Victorino, Shane 1 6 .395 CF Hall, Bill 8 16 .292 3B Bell, David 3 11 .259 3B Koskie, Corey 4 12 .292 C Fasano, Sal 1 5 .239 C Miller, Damian 4 21 .337 P Lidle, Cory (3-4, 5.12) P Capuano, Chris (4-3, 2.83) 

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I sure hope we do too. But rememeber the Brewers always allow big games to rookie pitchers.


I'd like to see some actual numbers backing that up. I think Brewer fans (and all fans) just have unrealistic expectations against rookies/crafty lefties/crappy pitchers as a whole. I could obviously be wrong and it would certainly be interesting to see someone take a closer look.


As for the lineup, when was the last time the Brewers had a guy batting over .330 in the #8 spot?

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Starting Billy Hall vs a RHP? Let's see what happens(altho he is probably the best CF option we have right now).


EDIT: They just mentioned the little jawing that happened last year between Lidle and Lee. Anybody think this will come back up if Carlos hits a homer tonight?

( '_')


( '_')>⌐■-■



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Oh wow, look out for Daron tonight:


i'm watching on MLB.TV and they have the view of the field as it is a commercial break.. then i hear this...


Daron: Woahhh, that is a meaty plate right there.. i like that.. that's a meeeattttyy plate.


Daron: No kidding, i got a full can of Rockstar in my tonight!

(voices in background)

Daron: Yeah, some crack.


Daron: Hey yeah, do you have any CRACK COCAINE back there?


i wonder if they really know we can hear them?

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Wow, on Gameday, it looks like Lee just missed it.


Giants up 5-0 early against Houston! http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif


On a related note, wouldn't it be great if Bonds just never did tie Ruth? He just kept going up there and just missing them the entire year, and that's where it ended?

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