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Chone Figgins revisited...

Ok...nobody else has made a play for him lately...but look at our lineup with this guy...not to mention all of the SB's and exciting speed. He is coming off of a down year, and his previous 3 years hit above .290. I would give up Turnbow, Mench, and whoever else they'd like...I really just want to see some moves made...and this is a great place to start.


CF Figgins S

SS Hardy R

2B Weeks R

1B Fielder L

LF Hall R

RF Hart R

C Estrada S

3B Koskie/Graffanino L/R


this is one heck of a lineup....do it Doug!!!!!!!!!!

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He actually might be a target to revisit. I don't think they are in the market for an OFer anymore with the signing of Matthews. They also could replace Figgins at 3B with Kotchman.


That said, I really don't know what it would take to get him. I don't think we match up very well. Maybe Jackson and Tbow? Too much?

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I think it is about time we look to trade Hall... Get Wood, as he would be blocked by Hall, a player he basically emulates. Ervin Santana...always a hot trade prospect in these circles. Figgins....a personal favorite and the type of leadoff hitter we are in desperate need of, even though I know he was relegated to #9 status last year. I would argue that he still set their table as their TRUE leadoff hitter (how often to leadoff hitters REALLY lead off??)

Hall/CoCo/CV the younger or Zach Jack/Graffy (if he would approve, which I would have to imagine, he would)




Brandon Wood SS

Ervin Santana RHP

Chone Figgins....you can put it anywhere

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While I do think that Chone Figgins definitly can be had, and Santana might be able to be pryed away, Wood will not be traded. Wood, Kendrik, Weaver, all are untouchable. The reports are that the Angels wouldn't even talk about putting them in offers for Crawford, Manny, A-Rod, so getting Wood is out of the question.
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if they are looking for 3B help...I'd even throw in Koskie, bring Braun up and bat him behind Estrada...a no-pressure situation...who knows, he might eventually move up higher in the lineup earlier than we expect


CF Figgins

SS Hardy

2B Weeks

1B Fielder

LF Hall

RF Hart

C Estrada

3B Braun


WOW...that is all I can say!

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Kotchman is a 1B. Probably means McPherson. He's a guy I never understood why the Angels kept. He just doesn't fit in on that team. Last year:


Low average, high ISoP guy. Not sure he fits in with the Brewers right now, but given his age (26), he likely could be had for Clark.

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I may have set my sights quite high with the mention of Wood, but Hall's value as a 2B/SS who can hit 35HR's...very high. But even if the deal were...


Bill Hall

Zach Jack

Gabe Gross

Tony Graffanino




Ervin Santana

Chone Figgins

Jose Arredondo/Nick Adenhart


I'm still ALL OVER IT!

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Well, from what I've read, Hall isn't a very good defensive CF. And you can always double switch Figgins to 2B/SS/3B/LF and put Jr. Gwynny or Nix in. And I find it hard to believe having the best rotation in the NL would still get us 65 wins. How many do a backup outfielder and backup infielder account for? How many are we going to win with Hall in center as opposed to Clark? I'm just thinking that an upgrade in pitching at the expense of a green CF wouldn't tend to skew the results 25-30 wins.... That's all. And the Angels would have to be drooling to imagine Hall in that lineup, given that they've long needed a complement to Vlad's impaling.
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What about...


Chone Figgins UT

Jeff Mathis C


Bartolo Colon SP

Jose Arredondo SP




Bill Hall SS/3B

Geoff Jenkins OF

Damien Miller C


We add a former Cy Young winner and a TRUE utility player with excess speed, and acquire a high ceiling pitching prospect and a fallen prospect nugget-type. We shed two contracts, and while Hall was our top offensive force last year, much of our Opening Day starting lineup was injured...or dreaming of riches in Arlington. I know it looks like we're making the Angels much stronger, but imagine our rotation and we would have a better leadoff hitter than Pierre.

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No way am I trading Hall right now without getting at least serviceable offense back, then we trade away Jenkins who can still hit 20?


And isn't Colon hurt? Plus he costs $14 million, plus he'll most likely be gone after 2007 (if he's even healthy.)

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It wasn't near as big of a laughing stock as the Esteban Loaiza award. And the only reason it is looked at with such disdain is because, in retrospect, it would have been perfect to crown this year's triple crown winner with the crown tri-fold. In regards to Chone Figgins, if we were to obtain him, the key piece would obviously be Bill Hall. The Angels also have pitching to deal and I'm not that enarmoed with a Lackey or a flashy dream Weaver. Kelvim Escobar isn't bad, but underwhelming. And Bartolo, when healthy, is dominating, as evidenced by his Cy. I would argue that, if he were healthy, there would be no Windy City magic.
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