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Could Mike DeJean return?


Someone on the ESPN Brewers message board pointed out that Mike DeJean is having talks with Milwaukee.


From the Rocky Mountain News . . .

The Rockies are moving forward in contract talks with left-handed reliever Tom Martin.


"I met with (agent) Mike Maas and I'm looking for him to get back" after talking with Martin, O'Dowd said.


O'Dowd also said he is interested in re-signing Mike DeJean, who is coming off surgery, "But we won't know until the middle of January when he throws off a mound."


DeJean, however, indicated his agent met with Milwaukee officials on Tuesday.



Remember this classic moment?




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First Craig Counsell. Now Mike DeJean?


Is Jamey Wright next?


Seriously, the old Brewer reliever they should have made a run at was Weathers.


Not so sure what Al was referring to calling DeJean durable. Was that before or after his shoulder surgery just this past June?

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Royster came out to remove DeJean from a save situation, and DeJean went off on him.


In retrospect, it would have made that horrible 2002 season much more entertaining if he'd have socked him or something.


That said, as always, I'd have zero problem with pretty much any arm on a minor league deal with a ST invite, including DeJean.

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I like my pitchers to not want to leave the game. Considering Royster is/was a buffoon, that makes me like Dejean more, not less.


I totally agree. Dejean was a hero that season, he said to Royster the things we all wanted to say. That, and he's a pretty good pitcher. I think its pretty unfair some judge Dejean by one incident, and also think its unfair to judge him by his career numbers, considering how much time he has spent with Colorado.


"88.6% of all statistics are made up right there on the spot" Todd Snider


-Posted by the fan formerly known as X ellence. David Stearns has brought me back..

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Come on the guy had a 0.00 ERA last year!!!



Haha sorry I just couldn't help it.


Why not. If he can be had on a minor league contract and with a Spring Training invite. Its not like he was that awful. He's got a career ERA of 4.3. Not great for a reliever but far from awful.


Remember Cirillo was an ex-Brewer who had some really, really awful seasons and now there is a thread with almost 200 posts on it about how we lost him to an AL team.


We can't bash the guy just because he was part of some the wors Brewers teams of all time.

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Hawing, why the hate?


Well, my "no" filled post was kind of a knee jerk reaction.

But it seems to be part of my personal m.o. as a Brewers fan to turn on a closer once he's failed me too many times (especially if I'm attending the game where he fails, as opposed to listening on the radio or reading a recap after).

I've referred to the hawing closer rage elsewhere in this forum over time, and fairly or otherwise, Mike DeJean is a target of my closer rage - joining such others as Dan Kolb, Luis Vizcaino, Bob Wickman, Doug Henry, and more.


What's weird is that I haven't turned on Turnbow. His 2006 season should have had me hating on him at least as vigorously as the fellas named above. This is an odd quirk of my personal fandom that I can't explain.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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As I recall, DeJean was a pretty good pitcher for the Brewers except for that last season when he imploded as a closer. I think he was miscast in that closer's role and was probably better off as a setup man.


Anyway, that was many years ago. Who knows what he has got left.

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I can't blame DeJean for going off on Royster. Heck, alot of Brewers fans wanted the chance to do that too. I remember when he was traded away he spoke of how he was sad to leave and liked it here. It was a nice change of pace from all the other guys we trade away badmouthing the town. I will always like him for that. I can't see anything wrong with giving him a minor league deal. If he still has it he could be a nice asset, if not, we lose nothing.
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