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Conspiracy Theory: Hardy out?

The more I think about it, the more I think Hardy could be packaged for an impact player in the next couple weeks. Here's how I think it's playing out:


Secret Meeting at Team Canada's Batcave

Deep within the recesses of Saskatchewan, Fall of 2006


Doug: You know, eh, that there Billy Hall is pretty good, and that.


Gord: Darn tootin' Doog.


Doug: I betsa if he played dat der shortstop fulls time, and that, we'd have one of them elites players of baseball!


Gord: Sure thang. But what about that Hardy fella?


Doug: Oh lordy... I forgots all about him! Looks like we've got a bargaining chip to steal us another bopper, and that!


Gord: Yeppers. But we better not decrease his trade value by naming Hall the everyday shortstop, ya know?


Doug: Oh geez, good point! Well we can say we're moving him to the outfield so he can play everyday, and that. Then people will assume we still like Hardy enough to start him over Hall, and that.


Gord: Sounds terrific Doog. But obviously Billy would be most valuable as a centerfielder if he was in the outfield... aren't you trying to sign a new centerfielder for the cloob?


Doug: Good point, Gordy. In order to continue attracting possible centerfielders, how's aboot we say Billy's most suitable for leftfield, and that?


Gord: Ha. Good one Doog. But will people actually believe we'd do that?


Doug: I don't know, and that, but I do what I want. Ha ha ha!


Gord: One other thing Doog. If we trade Hardy, who backs up shortstop? I don't know that signing Graffy fits the bill if we need him dair.


Ned: Howdy boys! I know just what this ballclub needs! The grittiest, battler the West ever did know! My boy, Craig Counsell! Yee haw!!


Doug: Jiminy Crickets!! How did you get here Nedly?!? You know you're not supposed to be involved in these grownup meetings, and that!


Ned: Ah gosh... I'm sorry fellas. It's just that you kept adding these 'good' players to my roster and I didn't know what to do... so I followed you on your donkeys to the batcave...


Doug: It's okay Nedly. If we sign Counsell, and that, do you promise to go away and not start him for Canada's sake?


Ned: I promise on my 2006 Nascar Racing Guide! Thanks a bunch boys! I'll see you in the Spring!


Gord: Good day, eh.


Doug: Anyway... back to this Billy business, and that...




Anyway, just throwing more wood on the fire http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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It scares me that someone knows who I am... I may no longer be able to hide beneath my vague screen name as a security blanket.


Good thing I have incriminating knowledge of your ability to recognize certain body parts, Josh. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


To everyone else-- Don't ask.

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I didn't realize others had access to my batcave.


That's what I thought about right away!


As for "aboot" and "hoose"...visitors to my library have asked me on occasion if I'm from Canada. I've never lived anywhere but Wisconsin (almost exclusively south central). I can't figure out why people think I sound Canadian.


Anyway, carry on.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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I think any trade for Wells would be an awful idea.


One good year.

Two bad years.

One good year.


I wouldn't bank on him continuing last years high preformance next year, and that is the only year we would have him as well.


I don't want to trade 4+ years of Hardy and more for that.

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