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FA less talked about here.


Someone smart think of possible years and salary for these players. I know they arent all possible for the Crew. But hey, it will be nice to know.

1. Gary Matthews Jr.

2. Julio Lugo

3. Jeff Weaver

4. Randy Wolf

5. Dace Roberts.



Thank you so much to whoever can put some numbers together.

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Sarge Jr. 3-4 years $27-36 million


Julio Lugo 4 years $36 million


Jeff Weaver 3 years $30 million


Randy Wolf 3 years $21-24 million


Dave Roberts 2-3 years $5.5-9 million


The only one on that list I would want is Roberts.

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Dave Roberts is probably the best fit out there for CF, although he (IMO) is the least exciting. I dont know why either. He swipes bases at a high rate, plays good defense, and has a pretty good and pretty accurate arm. He is a legitimate leadoff hitter. He would be a huge upgrade for the team.


Not the most exciting signing, but at 3 years and 16 million - I could definatly live wiht that.

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Alou is a Daen taylor signing...good, but no use whatsoever past this year...


dougie seems to only give maybe/cheapo guys the one year deals...


if we sign someone, i'm sure it'll be to a three year ish deal...so nobody over 38...which sadly eliminates Lofton..and greg maddux

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