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Sleeper CF for fantasy baseball team?


This might be the wrong place to post this because it is kind of off-topic and deals with a touch of minor league stuff, but I figured I'd start here and it can get moved if needed....


My fantasy baseball team just lost Hunter Pence (my only CF on the roster) for 4-6 weeks. Does anyone know of any sleeper CF's who could be getting called up soon? Any sleepers on someone's bench who could get some more AB's down the stretch as some poor teams prepare for next year?


Aside from a trade, my best short-term option is Milton Bradley so I picked him up off waivers yesterday, but I'm trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Any suggestions?


I know the people around here follow this type of stuff and I could get a better answer here than any other website out there.


Thanks guys!!

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Fantasy is usually in Off Topic, so I'll move it over there.


I'll give the thread a more explicative title so it's more noticeable.

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