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Cleveland Politician Letter to Drug Dealer *Not Political*


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I like the attitude in the letter and wish more politicians would respond to losers in their area this way.


Oh, his mother might sue? Maybe somebody should sue her for raising this drag on society.

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What kind of hallucinogen do you have to be on to think that letter is threatening? Maybe the mom thinks if she can perpetrate fraud she'll be able to room with her son in prison? I agree a little scathing mockery could be used much more often it's not like these people are that psychologically complicated that you can't anticipate there retorts to your barbs and squash them.
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at first i thought this was really great, that we have a politician who cares about his neighborhood that he would get so riled up. then i saw all the people he CC'd, including the newspaper, and realized it was just a political ploy.


either way, i'm closing all my letters like that from now on. Sincerely is so played out.


Go to jail or the cemetery soon,


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