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melvin on rome today (sometime between 11 AM and 2 PM)


Sometime between 11-2 tomorrow on AM1250 (obviously)


Since I'll be at work and probably won't be able to listen, it would be great if someone would tune is and give a recap!


thanks in advance!



(updated thread title --1992casey)

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what "kind of stuff" was he talking about?


Read the Dunn thread in the Trade Forum for the whole picture, but basically there was a rumor of a trade of Dunn for Gwynn, Wise and a minor leaguer that started on a Cincy radio station and was discussed here. When interviewed and asked about the trade before the game, Melvin made the above-stated comment.

"The most successful (people) know that performance over the long haul is what counts. If you can seize the day, great. But never forget that there are days yet to come."


~Bill Walsh

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Pretty slow interview, nothing too intense, but none the less, a quick recap...


-Getting Sheets back is the best possible Aug. 31 deadline the Brewers could make


-Bonds is getting hot, won't let him beat the Crew


-Prince's swing is a dead ringer of Bonds', quick and direct to the ball


-A-Rod is the best player in baseball


-Told a story of interviewing with George W Bush for the Texas job


That was about it, pretty basic interview

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"Bonds is getting hot, won't let him beat the Crew"


Sounds good. Hope Yost was listening. He's never been afraid to challenge Bones in the past. Then again, if he has the same strike zone as he did the last time he was in town, it'd be impossible NOT to walk him.

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