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Ten year Brewers

Who do you want to be a Brewer for the long haul, er say 10 years? If you could only pick 5 players, and that might be all the Brewers could afford, who would they be? I'll take our first four in our line-up for the next 5- Hart, Hardy, Braun, and Fielder. Finally, I'll take Gallardo to hopefully be a #1 or #2 pitcher for the crew.
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Realistically or hypothetically?


Realistically....None. (Are there more than a handful of players in the majors right now who have been with the same club for 10 years or more? Especially in a small market? I can think of Mike Sweeney and that is about it.)


Hypothetically... I don't think there is much argument that having Hart, Braun, Fielder, Sheets, Gallardo, and Hardy for 10 or more years would mean the Brewers would be pretty successful during said 10 year time span.

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I think we're assuming hypothetical here.


For position players, I would probably start with Hart, then Fielder. I'm tempted to say Braun, but only if he continues to hit at this unconscious pace for the rest of the year and his defense stays solid.


Hypothetically, if Gallardo stays relatively healthy i wouldn't mind having him around for awhile. But I think my #1 pitcher that I would love to have for 10+ years is Villy. He's versatile (can be starter or reliever), he's young (23 i believe), and his pitches aren't the kind that will drop off with age. If he relied on a mid-90's fastball, I might be a little worried, but he's got a high 80's fastball and still gets a lot of k's with that sick (circle?) change.

If I had Braun's pee in my fridge I'd tell everybody.


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Hardy - SS

Weeks - 2B

Hart - CF

Sheets - SP

Villanueva - SP

Strong up the middle and starting pitching. I believe Weeks can play much better than he currently is. Hart can play CF at a pretty good level and to have his combination of speed and power there would be great.

Fan is short for fanatic.

I blame Wang.

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Braun - Stud corner that looks to be top end of his pos.

Prince- I think there is a good chance he is around for a while

Hardy- Defense and above avg stick at SS hard to come by

Yo - Looks to be meeting his clippings

Hart - good power and speed in the OF spot

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