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Anyone actually like the Jsonline and Brewers.com forums?


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I try to wade through it from time to time... but its just so annoying. I think i've reached my breaking point with those sites. nothing more annoying than cubs fans who get there jollies by trying to get under the skin of brewer fans. thats just bad form.
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I post on Jsonline as Fondybrewfan and for the most part their are some pretty intelligent people over there. Lets just say a select few make it suck for everyone. Someone will post something stupid and then the next 20 posts will be a variety of people bashing the original poster. More often than not good baseball talk will get stomped on. However I have no problem with the majority of posters but there are probably 3-4 Cubs fans over their that like to shake things up a bit. Since I figured out how to get around the block at work I seem to be posting here a lot more than I used to.


O and another thing. People are much muich more jumpy after every loss at JS online. It gets a little ridiculous sometimes

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