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Should we go with a 13 man staff?

I think it might not be a bad idea to go with an extra bullpen guy for the next month or so. It may limit the options off the bench but there are several factors that make me think it might be wise.


1- We are trying to limit YoGa and Parra's innings na extra arm in the pen would aid that.

2- Our starters are of the 6 inning variety not the complete game type.

3- Our bullpen has already been worked pretty hard.

4- We want our best bullpen guys to be capable of helping in September and the post season so they will need to somewhat limit their appearances before then.

5- We have a lot of good bullpen arms so why not use a strength?

6- Gwynn and now maybe Weeks would benefit from regular playing time in AAA vs bench time. It might be better for both the long term and later in the year if they worked out their shortcomings in AAA and be ready to contribute in September and October.


Any thoughts?

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Al, why would there be a DH in St. Louis? http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


I don't like 13 man pitching staffs. You could end up with a situation like last year where Cirillo started two consecutive games at shortstop.


But had it taken any longer to diagnose Sheets' injury this week, I'd have been on board. I'd also be on board with a temporary 13 man staff if this long stretch of games overtaxes the pitchers.

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I wouldn't mind Gwynn and Weeks being sent back down to AAA once Billy is ready to come back. It sounds like they've decided against sending Rickie back down though. Plus, even if they do eventually bite the bullet, they might bring up a Rottino or a Dillon because otherwise they'd only have 3 bats (not including the backup catcher, who Yost is reluctant to use) on the bench, which is probably too few for the NL.
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