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Encarnacion and Bautista - what is going on in Toronto?


Is it the hitting coach?


Encarnacion has been a consistent .780 OPS guy most of his career, and now he is OPSing .950, and almost +200 increase.

Bautista was also stuck in the .750 OPS range until exploding to 1.000 OPS.


First let me say this isnt meant to implicate anyone in PEDs, I am seriously wondering if Toronto is doing something with their hitters to help these guys breakthrough.


They are both Dominican and sometimes those guys dont have a lot of patience at the plate or arent as selective (the 'ole you cant walk your way off the island mentality) and I am wondering if Toronto has found a way to get through to these guys to get the best results possible.

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EE was having a lot of trouble learning to play 3B

Then he had some injury shortened seasons

Then he played through injuries (last year)

Now he's DH/1B, healthy, starting every day, and 29 years old, a good age for power hitters


Edit: the Mat Gamel story, 2014?

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They told them:

Stop worrying about striking out.

Stop worrying about hitting the ball the other way.

Just swing hard and pull the ball.

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