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How can I learn how to juggle?


Anyone here know how to juggle? Nothing excessive, just 3 or 4 balls or whatever. I've always thought it was cool and have wanted to learn how but I can't find anyone to teach me.


Is there anyway I can learn how on my own? Anyone have any ideas?

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That's a skill I wish I had as well. I think most people are capable of learning it to some degree, but I also believe it comes much easier to some people than others. I have a theory that people that are good at drumming are also good at juggling and that both are more natural skills than learned skills.


I know I have seen books in book stores that teach how to juggle and come with a "starter kit". I think my son may have received one for one of his birthdays or as a Christmas gift one year.


Edit: Found a link to the book on amazon (notice the hole in the upper left corner of the book?...that's where they attach mesh bag of bean bags. I think the 2nd reader review of the book mentions the free bean bags that come with it).



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