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I got an email (not a call) about this. It stated that they would call the number on my account at around 7pm. I probably will not participate. I can't think of anything worthwhile to ask and I doubt he will reveal anything of any substance in regards to the upcoming season.


He will just say all positive things about the current roster and minor league system. Someone will ask him if he thinks they did enough in the off season to compete and he will give an answer about how they strengthened 1B with Lind and the bullpen with Krod and other aquisitions. He will over hype Sardina and the other guys they received for Gallardo and that they will miss him, but that they feel that they have enough starting pitching depth with guys like Jungman and Thornburg. Then someone will ask him if they will make mid season trades to bolster the team if they are in contention. He will answer that they think they don't have many current weaknesses but they will just have to evaluate it when the time comes and if there is a move that they think makes sense they will explore it....and that.

User in-game thread post in 1st inning of 3rd game of the 2022 season: "This team stinks"

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i would love for someone to ask him why a club needs to open the season with five starting pitchers on the roster, instead of just the four needed for the first few days (or even weeks) of the season--especially when the #5 pitcher can be optioned and not have his optioned burned if he spends less than twenty days in the minors.
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