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Joantgel Segovia

He was just moved to Helena. He has batted over .350 in his first two assignments and he will take a walk every now and again. He is still 18 and playing in high rookie league! He went 1 for 4 last night.


He is my favorite Brewer prospect!

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Lots of speed and OBP skills. I like him, too.


With Reed headed for AAA (and, IMO, an outside shot at a job on the major-league roster), Segovia and Omar Cotto seem to be similar. Cotto's not only drawing walks and stealing bases, he's showing the ability to hit for average, too.

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He just has that Tony Gywnn like ability at plate to put the bat on the ball and get on base. Now will he ever have the double or triple power or be able to hit 8-14 HRs a season? As of right now, power doesn't seem to have any role in his game but he is 18 and a tiny kid. Hopefully now he is state side, they can add strength to him.


Most important, it bat will play. He is so advanced for his age and is a professional hitter. Be really intersting to see how the Wisconsin OF works out year!


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It certainly could get tight at Wisconsin next year, but there is a lot of time between now and then (especially with instructionals and spring). For those players to sort out who might be ready for the jump.
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The downside on Segovia so far is that he's shown almost zero power (122 professional hits, 0 home runs and only 12 for extra-bases), but he's young and not too small (6'1" according to B-Ref) so he might have room to add some muscle and start driving the ball more.


Anyone hear any scouting reports on him? How's his defense?

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Segovia and Omar Cotto seem to be similar.


Except for that five-year age difference...


Have to hand it to you, Clancy, been here together for 14 years and you certainly still manage to pick out your own unique players to gravitate to...


I had a few in my latest top 25...


Been a sucker for some OBP guys... Weisenburger, Cotto, Reed, Segovia. Suter and Hobbs Johnson...


Segovia's flashing a lot less speed than Cotto. Segovia has only 7 successful steals in 15 attempts. Cotto has 13 in 14 attempts. I'd try to see if Cotto can move up the system quickly - maybe the Brewers can get some Scott Podsednik-esque production from him.


Segovia could end up like Michael Reed - a Brady Clark-type player, and he could arrive just as Reed reaches free agency... decisions, decisions...

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