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7/29/05 Giants (Rueter) @ Crew (Davis) 7:05 CST


"Rueter (2-7, 5.73 ERA) has struggled mightily this season, but is 8-2 with a 2.31 ERA lifetime against the Brewers. That includes a 6-1 loss to Milwaukee on April 22 in which he gave up five runs in seven innings.


The 34-year-old Rueter has lost five straight decisions and is winless since May 13. He has allowed seven earned runs in two of his three starts this month and has just 24 strikeouts against 45 walks in 103 2/3 innings."


Kirk Rueter

2-7, 5.73

Last start:

7/23 vs FLA

3.1 IP, 7 ER

Dec = ND

Doug Davis

9-7, 4.07

Last start:

7/24 at CIN

8.0 IP, 2 ER

Dec = ND

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Kirk Rueter

2-7, 5.73 = certain to be under 5.00 after this evening


He would have to pitch 15 1/3 scoreless innings to manage it...not sure he has that in him...14 maybe, but not 15 1/3 http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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He would have to pitch 15 1/3 scoreless innings to manage it...not sure he has that in him...14 maybe, but not 15 1/3


You DO realize you've just insured us that he will pitch a complete game shutout, right?


What's the record for most shutouts (shutted-out, shutouted?)in a row?

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DON'T SAY THAT! Ja002h screwed the game yesterday by predicting a 3 hit shutout. You guys are going to do the same thing.

I've got to do something to counteract this.

I'm predicting 9-2 Brewers. Let's get some good mojo going here.

Bring out the lemur!


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The Brewers have not scored in their last 19 innings.


The Brewers have commited 5 (at least) errors in the past three games.


I have now realized the following:


I need to be psycho-analized for being a fan of this team. I must have some mental defect.

Not only can our pitching staff not bunt, but fielding is quite the problem for them- I've got countless examples to choose from.

Lyle Overbay has a gold glove over at first base. Seriously, his glove must be made of gold or some other metal. How else do you explain 7 errors so far?

Rickie Weeks sucks at second base. Face it. He's played 42 games at second base and has 10 errors. The closest Weeks comes to "fielding" is when he's standing next to some dude with that last name.

JJ Hardy really can't be ripped on for his glove, because he does not have one. a fielding pct. of .977 would prove that fact.

Branyon/Helms/Hall They of the "Cement Hands Club" should probably all play third at the same time- just create a wall of bodies over there and knock down some balls. Helms could best help the team defensively by staying in the dugout. Branyon's best contribution to the defense came when he was on the D.L., and Hall has the innate ability to make the routine play look impossible.

El Caballo could be out-fielded by Mr. Ed. El Caballo plays left field like "El Crappola"

Geoff Jenkins has 5 errors in right field. Jamey Wright has a better chance of throwing a no hitter than Jenks does of catching three consecutive pop flys.


Tony Migliaccio needs to be fired immediately, he has lost the Brewer bats. These guys couldn't hit if -Brian the Automator- was pitching to them. Our offensive is quite well, offensive. I'm glad to see that the Brewers are doing one thing well as a team: slumping.


Thank goodness I'm going to the game tonight: should be a comedy of errors.

-I used to have a neat-o signature, but it got erased.
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rluzinski, can you do the probabilities of winning a particular game? Like tonight?




Of course, it's against a soft tossing lefty WITH an ERA above 5, so really about 5%



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19 scoreless innings and counting!!! a shutout today, and we will match jenkins 0-28.


you can do it guys!! there's a soft-tossing lefty tonight. it's a perfect opportunity. just keep your focus on continuing to not work the count, swinging at balls low in the zone, making baserunning errors, not being able to bunt properly, having the catcher bat second, and making sure magruder gets a chance to bat in a key situation. just do all those things, and the shutouts will continue to take care of themselves!!

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