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7/9/05 Brewers (Sheets) @ Braves (Davies) 6:05 CST sorry

I don't know if anyone cares about now, but the Brewers -do- play tonight. Here's all the morbid details.


MIL: RHP Ben Sheets

? 4-6, 3.49 ERA in 2005

? 1-1, 2.65 ERA vs. ATL in 2004




ATL: RHP Kyle Davies

? 4-2, 4.05 ERA in 2005

? Has never faced MIL


"They know they're doing their end of it." -- manager Ned Yost, on the number of quality starts by his pitchers that have gone for naught due to a lack of offense



Sheets pitched one of the best games in Brewers history against the Braves last May 16, when he set a franchise record with 18 strikeouts in a complete-game, 3-1 win on a sunny day at Miller Park. Sheets also went the distance against Atlanta at Turner Field on Aug. 12 but lost, 4-2.

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I bet everyone is just waiting for these lineups with all of the excitement I feel on this forum today. Courtesy of USA Today:


Brady Clark CF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .312&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 7&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 28

Rickie Weeks 2B .271&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 5&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 15

Lyle Overbay 1B .271&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 11&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 39

Carlos Lee LF&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .263&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 22&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 73

Geoff Jenkins RF .255&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 8&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 30

Bill Hall SS&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .277&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 13&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 36

Russell Branyan 3B .271&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 7&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 20

Chad Moeller C&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .209&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 4&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 10

Ben Sheets P&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .000&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 0&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 0



Rafael Furcal SS .244&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 6&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 29

Kelly Johnson LF .270&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 5&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 21

Marcus Giles 2B .298&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 7&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 31

Andruw Jones CF .278&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 27&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 66

Adam LaRoche 1B .272&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 11&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 51

Johnny Estrada C .279&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 3&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 32

Ryan Langerhans RF .251&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 6&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 25

Wilson Betemit 3B .288&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 4&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 11

Kyle Davies P&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp .182&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 0&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp 2


Brew Crew: Don't Let Me Down
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If you compare the stats of those 2 lineups position by position (replace Moeller with Miller and just because of the "type" of players they are...compare Lee to A. Jones and Clark to Langerhans) they are so similar it's scary. That just further prooves my point earlier today that they Braves really aren't that much more talented than the Brewers. They just know what it takes to win because they haven't lost in so many years.
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Those 10 rookies on the roster "know how to win", already?


It's just how the organization is run. The veterans teach the young ones what it takes to be successful and how important the little things (hitting cut off men, not giving extra bases, not giving extra outs, getting down bunts) are.


It is what has made the Braves so successful...the young players stepping in and never missing a beat.


I dream for the days that the Brewers are able to put everything together. The talent is starting to arrive.

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