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6/1/05 Brewers (Davis) @ Padres (Lawrence) 9:05 CST


The REVISED list...

1. Geoff (And I'm proud to finally see him here!)

2. Carlos (The SB did it for me)

3. Doug Davis (The hit...enough said)

4. Lowly Brady (The GIDP looks like an aberration...but in tonight's game, it doesn't look good. He erased himself AND #3!)

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I think a pair of teenage girls could do a better job calling a game than Sutton and Schroeder. The references to the Backstreet boys would be welcome compared to the droning of Daron and tips on stuffing your bra would be more interesting than Bill's analysis.
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Pitch 1 - Ball

Pitch 2 - Called Strike

Pitch 3 - Ball

Pitch 4 - Swinging Strike

Pitch 5 - Called Strike

Pitch 6 - Ball

Pitch 7 - Foul

Pitch 8 - Foul

Pitch 9 - Ball


Carlos Lee walks.



Uhhhh.......what happened????

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O!!! K... Well Davis still looking for the CG. If he does go for the CG and not give up another run, he gets my vote for POG. I hope this is a harbinger and not the aberration these offensive outputs have come to be called.
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I REALLY like this lineup tonight. Why this isn't our usual EVERYDAY lineup (maybe sub. Cirillo in a platoon) is beyond me! Mike Hunt has an article tonight that advocates the continued use of Spivey since it only showcases his talents for a trade and, if you don't play him, you would have an even harder time trading him, but this team is really clicking tonight and my gut tells me it's for real. And JJ continues to walk!
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Totally random here. I dont know about anyone else but seeing this is the "scoring plays" on gameday just makes me smile!



Top 4TH B:2 S:1 O:0

Geoff Jenkins homers (5) on a fly ball to right field.

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