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3/30 Brewers (Glover) at Oakland (Zito)


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Krenzyl, Lehr, Santana going to AAA


Line ups:




Kotsay CF,

Thomas LF

Kendall C

Chavez 3B

Durazo DH

Hatteberg 1B

Crosby SS,

Swisher RF

Ellis 2B


P Zito




Clark CF

Cirillo DH

Overbay 1B

Lee LF

Jenkins RF

Miller C, Borders

Helms 3B

Hall 2B

Hardy SS


P Glover



Top of the 1st

Clark: Gone! 1-0 Brewers

Cirillo: FO LF, warning track

Overbay: GO SS

Lee: K looking


Bottom of the 1st

Borders in for Miller

Kotsay: 2B, RF line

Thomas: Pop out to 2B, Nice over the shoulder play by Hall

Kendall: Error on Overbay, dropped foul ball, GO to P, Kotsay to 3B

Chavez: BB on 4 pitches

Durazo: GO to SS


Top of the 2nd

Jenkins: LO to RF

Borders: K, tipped

Helms: BB on 4 pitches

Hall: FO to RF


Bottom of the 2nd

Hatteberg: FO to 2B

Crosby: BB

Swisher: LO to 1B

Ellis: Swisher steals 2B, throw goes into CF(E2), goes to 3B, 1b Tied 1-1

Kotsay: 3B off the wall 2-1 A's

Thomas: GO to 2B


Top of the 3rd

Hardy: GO to 3B

Clark: K, tipped

Cirillo: GO to 2B


Bottom of the 3rd:

Kendall: GO to SS, strong throw by JJ

Chavez: GO to SS

Durazo: BB

Hatteberg: Durazo CS


Top of the 4th

Overbay: 1b

Lee: FO to CF

Jenkins: GIDP


Bottom of the 4th

Hatteberg: FO to CF

Crosby: HBP, Replaced by Scutaro

Swisher: BB

Ellis: FO to CF

Kotsay: FO to CF


Top of the 5th

Kielty in CF, Scutaro at SS

Borders: 1B

Helms: FO to CF

Hall: GO to SS, Borders to 2B

Hardy: GO to P


Bottom of the 5th

Thomas: LO to 3B

Kendall: 3 base error on Clark (ball bounced out of his glove)

Chavez: Sac Fly 3-1 A's

Durazo: HR 4-1 A's

Hatteberg: FO to RF


Top of the 6th

Bocachica in CF, Kielty in RF, Ginter at 3B, Melhuse at C, Clark in LF

Clark: 1b

Cirillo: FO to LF

Overbay: 1b

Lee: GIDP, 5-3


Bottom of the 6th

Bottalico now pitching, Moss in CF

Scutaro: 1b, in and out of Helms glove

Swisher: 2b, off the wall, Scutaro to 3rd

Ellis: GO to 3B

Kielty: 1b both runners score 6-1 A's

Clark: FC, Kielty out at 2B

Melhuse: FO to CF


Top of the 7th

Jenkins: K looking

Borders: 1b

Helms: FO to CF

Hall: 1B, should have been an error on Ellis

Hardy: PO to 2B


Bottom of the 7th

Wise Pitching, Rottino in RF, Marguder in LF, Escobar at SS, Irrabarren at 2B

Ginter: FO to ...

Durazo: GO to P

Bocachica: HBP, replaced by Ethier

Scutaro: GO to 3B


Top of the 8th

Dotel pitching. Either in LF, Clark in CF

Moss: FO to CF

Cirillo: FO to LF

Overbay: GO to 2B


Bottom of the 8th

Swisher: K

Ellis: FO to RF

Kielty: BB

Clark: GO to 1B


Top of the 9th

Magruder: 2b, CF lost it in the sun

Rottino: PO to CF, diving catch

Borders: K swinging

Helms: HBP

Irraberran: GO to ...


That could have been better.

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That's funny because my "so called politeness" really wasn't that thick in my email. Daron made it out to be more than it was. I won't complain though!


Anyway, no, I haven't been contacted yet about it. I think I remember them saying someone will get in touch within a few days.

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As far as the free tickets go, they'll send you an email asking for your address. Then they send you a certificate that you turn in for the game you want to attend.
"Dustin Pedroia doesn't have the strength or bat speed to hit major-league pitching consistently, and he has no power......He probably has a future as a backup infielder if he can stop rolling over to third base and shortstop." Keith Law, 2006
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Hey, ja and tn, I won the tickets/ice cream along with you guys yesterday, did the Brewers people contact you? How do you go about getting this stuff?


Yeah, I got an email a day or 2 later asking for my address, they're mailing a gift cert. to redeem. So you should hear from them today or tomorrow...

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