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3/12/05 - Brewers (Davis) @ Rockies, 2:00 CT, WTMJ, web TV


For the only time until the Miller Park exhibition games, MLB.TV subscribers will have a chance to actually see Brewer baseball -- not sure about the broadcast team.


The game will also archive for those who wish to see Jose Capellan follow Doug Davis, in case you're not around on a Saturday afternoon.


MLB.TV link:




Locals can listen to Bob and Jim on WTMJ while out and about. Their audio broadcast will also be available online for those who have subscribed to the MLB Audio, but not MLB.TV. That will archive as well:




Jamey Wright starts for the Rockies.


It would have been a huge gesture to make the MLB.TV feed free for Brewer fans, but unless we're surprised, I wouldn't hold your breath.


I'll be able to watch late Saturday night, here's hoping several of the subscribers can chime in here...

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Listed on directv fox sports rocky mountain ch. 645 at 2 pm. May not be shown live, you never know with the package deals mlb has with directv, but I have been able to see red sox games on nesn and white sox games on comcast chicago live. So maybe!
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Wow this is actually the first time I'll be able to follow a game live. Last weekend I was away so I couldn't do it then, and then during the afternoon during the week I am gone all day so the game is over when I get home. Can't wait to be able to follow this game!
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UfitzW, looks like it will be on DirecTV channel 645 at 2p.m. for sure. I am optimistic as I watched some of the Dodgers/Mets game last night live on another FSN channel. This would apply to anyone that gets the FSN pack (whoever the provider is). You want to tune into FSNRM (Rocky Mountain).
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A "Brewer's Fever" epidemic on WTMJ!! The game must be close!


Let's hope DD puts together three strong. Bout time Branyan gets a jack too.


For all of you who managed to find a tv feed of this game I hate you.

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I will have the lineups as soon as the go through both lineups once.


Top of the First


Jamey Wright on the mound (6.0 scoreless innings 19/22 BF retired


CF David Krynzel: 4-3


2B Rickie Weeks: infield 1B, steals second


1B Lyle Overbay: BB


LF Carlos Lee: HBP, Overbay to second, Weeks to third,

Nelson Cruz running for him


C Damien Miller[/font][/b]: BB, Lee to second, Overbay to third, Weeks scores

Brewers winning 1-0


Wild pitch scores a run Brewers winning 2-0


3B Wes Helms: HR

Brewers winning 5-0




Out (I don't know what happened due to an update can anyone help?


After 1/2 inning Brewers winning 5-0


Bottom of the First


Doug Davis on the mound


5-3 (not sure who due to the updates)


Error on someone guy to first


1B Todd Helton: 1B


RF Preston Wilson: BB


C Charles Johnson: 6-3 double play


After one inning the Brewers lead 5-0


Top of the Second


Krynzel: grounded ot (4-3 ?)

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Jamey Wright hit him on the hand. Lee left the game. NOT good news at all.


Hasn't Wright done enough to us? Anyone know where he lives?


Why is Jamey Wright even in professional baseball?

Apparently his 5+ ERA and the ability to hit opposing players in the hands is valued by the Rockies.

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Oh great could this game get any worse for the Brewers? Helms hits a HR. Seeya Russell. That's all Nedly needed to put Wes in the lineup every day come opening day! http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/mad.gif http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/eyes.gif
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I wish my cynicism would advance to the point that it becomes a bad thing when a Brewer hits a Home Run. Not there yet, I'm glad to see some pop in Wes's bat and some added trade value.


Jamey Wright needs to be summarily executed.

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