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07/17/2004: Brewers (Sheets) at Cubs (Maddux) 3:05 CDT


Sorry for the early start to this game thread, but Ueck just announced that tommorow's first pitch changed to 3:05 CDT and I wanted to make sure everyone knew that.


Someone will sticky this tomorrow.


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Miller Beer and Usinger's Sausage.


EDIT: Actually, 3:05 was the scheduled start time. My bad... should have checked first. Regardless, here's your super-early game thread.


Enjoy. http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif



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question....of the seemingly 90% of posters calling the season over on Thursday evening, how many feel it is still over? I say we take this one today, and go for 3/4ths of a sweep! Wrap up the season series with the Cubbies ASAP!
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I agree with you, DHonks, but I'll be plenty happy with a split. Maddux is definitely the easier target than Woody, and with Sheeter going today, I will almost guarantee a 1-0 or 2-0 game, just not sure who will win it yet.
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question....of the seemingly 90% of posters calling the season over on Thursday evening, how many feel it is still over? I say we take this one today, and go for 3/4ths of a sweep! Wrap up the season series with the Cubbies ASAP!


I have enjoyed this team more than any in recent memory. I was very skeptical the first two weeks of the season, and then decided to just enjoy it.


After MIlwaukee's sweep of the Cubs, I jumped on the "contenders" bandwagon. I'm going to stay on that wagon until Milwaukee prooves they aren't.


Now, I realize that Milwaukee is a long-shot, and they've got too many weaknesses to expect them to make the playoffs. However, I think their pitching is good enough that they'll hang around, and because they play so many games in the Central they will have a say in who does make the playoffs.


So, no- I'm not off the bandwagon.

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Here the Line Ups for todays game:




S. Podsednik cf

B. Clark rf

G. Jenkins lf

L. Overbay 1b

K. Ginter 3b

B. Hall ss

C. Moeller c

M. Erickson 2b

B. Sheets p


Chi Cubs


T. Walker 2b

R. Ordonez ss

S. Sosa rf

M. Alou lf

C. Patterson cf

D. Lee 1b

J. Macias 3b

P. Bako c

G. Maddux p



No Helms or Counsell. I may not like Helms, but Erickson scares me. Looks like it may be tough to get Big Ben some runs again.

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 MILWAUKEE AT CHICAGO CUBS -- LINEUPS MILWAUKEE CHICAGO CUBS AVG HR RBI AVG HR RBI Scott Podsednik CF .253 9 26 Todd Walker 2B .283 11 29 Brady Clark RF .263 4 23 Rey Ordonez SS .172 1 5 Geoff Jenkins LF .252 13 50 Sammy Sosa RF .269 16 39 Lyle Overbay 1B .338 10 62 Moises Alou LF .272 19 50 Keith Ginter 3B .259 10 34 Corey Patterson CF .276 10 35 Bill Hall SS .247 5 30 Derrek Lee 1B .306 13 51 Chad Moeller C .235 4 22 Jose Macias 3B .286 1 11 Matt Erickson 2B .000 0 0 Paul Bako C .186 0 4 Ben Sheets RHP .063 0 1 Greg Maddux RHP .125 0 2 (9-5, 2.26) (7-7, 4.51)


Matt Erickson getting the start.


Brady Clark getting the start also...


Cubs lineup doesn't look so tough Bako, Macias, and Ordonez, and no Aram.


Hopefully Sheeter gets his tenth.

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A couple notes on Brewers records that are in the process of being chased...


Luis Vizcaino is still on pace for third-most appearances in a season. The record is 83 by Ken Sanders in '71 and Viz is on pace for 78. Viz currently has the third (76, '02), and sixth (75, '03) most appearances in a season also.


Doug Davis is on pace for 37 starts, which would the second most behind Jim Slaton's 38 starts in '73. Ben Sheets is on pace to tie 5 other pitchers for sixth most, with 35 starts.


Vic Santos, Davis, and Sheets are all on pace to move into the single-season victory record column. Three pitchers currently share ninth place with 16 victories apiece. The Brewers' record is 22, by Mike Caldwell in '78


Sheets' current ERA would be good enough for 3rd all-time (minimum 100 IP), behind Eldred (1.79) and Sanders (1.92) It would be the best ERA in Brewers history for a pitcher who threw over 200 IP. Davis also has an outside shot at the seasonal top ten. Sheets also has a chance of making the top 10 all-time Brewer ERA list (min 500 IP) - he's at 4.04, and in tenth place is Marty Pattin, at 3.82.


Sheets is on pace to break Teddy Higuera's 1987 strikeout record of 240 - he's currently on pace for 245. The second best strikeout season for the Brewers was Higuera in 1986, when he had 207 K's. Sheets is only 28 K's away from a tie for ninth place with Pattin and Hideo Nomo, and he's within 50 K's of fourth place. Davis is also on pace to sneak into the top 10. Sheets' 554 career K's is seventh most in Brewer history, though he has no real shot at Eldred's 6th spot (686) until next season.


Danny Kolb has the tenth most saves in a season for the Brewers, having just tied Mike DeJean for tenth, with 27. Kolb is on pace for 50 saves, which would easily break Bob Wickman's '99 record of 37. Kolb is also now 8th all-time in saves, with 48. He's one behind Doug Jones, and 13 behind Doug Henry and Ken Sanders.


Lyle Overbay has played in every game so far - Richie Sexson ('04), Robin Yount ('88) , and Gormon Thomas ('82) are the three Brewers to have played in all 162 games. If Scott Podsednik and Geoff Jenkins both play in the rest of the games, they'll tie sixth others for eigth place (160 games played).


Overbay's current batting average would be good enough for third in a single season. Jenkins' career .278 BA is ninth best in Brewers' history.


Podsednik and Jenkins are both on pace to finish in the top 5 in season at-bats. In 1982, Paul Molitor set the Brewer record with 666. Podsednik is on pace for 663, and Jenkins is on pace for 657.


Overbay is on pace for a 208 hits, which would be a top five finish for hits in a season.


Jenkins now has the ninth most homers in Brewers' history (135). He passed Sexson and Don Money recently, and should pass Rob Deer (137) pretty soon.


Overbay is only three doubles away from tenth most in a single season (Yount, 40, '92) and only thirteen two-baggers away from setting the Brewers record (Yount, 49, '80). He's on pace for 68, which would obliterate Yount's record. Jenkins is just off the pace for a top 10 season, though he has the ninth most in Brewers history (180).


Finally, Podsednik has the tenth most stolen bases in a season already this year (35). He needs nine more to break his personal record of 43 (set last season), and twenty more to surpass Pat Listach's team record of 54, set in '92. He's on pace for 64 this season. He's also tied for ninth all-time with Jose Valentin (78) . In eigth place is BJ Surhoff, with 102 stolen bases.

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I'm no Brady lover, but he has been playing quite well as of late, including a 3-4 yesterday with a SB, and he's also a .327 hitter against the Cubs, and a .337 hitter on the road this season, with an .891 OPS, while Grieve's OPS on the road this year is only .735. Clark has never faced Maddux, while Grieve is 1-4 with a K. I think it's probably the right move, even though Grieve is currently my favorite Brewer.


EDIT: Cue the Brady base-hit

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