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Sean Burroughs

I followed this guy when he came up with the Padres. He never lived up to expectations but I assumed he would at least have a back up job somewhere. Does anyone know where he is I can't seem to find him. Wikipedia says he is under contract with Seattle but he's not on their roster or in any of their minor league teams. Does anyone know where he is?
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I never understood why he kept getting chances. He has over 1600 MLB plate appearances with a .698 OPS. He does have a .340 OBP, which is passable, but with no power and no speed you need to play brilliant up-the-middle defense. Burroughs has played 395 career games at 3B, 14 at 2B, and one at short (plus one as a pitcher). In all that time, he has never shown any hint of a breakout skill. Not many players that useless get so much rope to hang themselves.



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Burroughs peaked pretty early.


I think he peaked in Little League, honestly...leading Long Beach to the crown.


I never understood why he kept getting chances.


Bloodlines, the expectation that the power should come some day, plus the cachet of that Little League trophy. Guy's a proven winner.


But 700 OPS is not bad for a 2B, especially a reserve.


But I think he's really only a 2B for roto purposes, in leagues where a few appearances is enough to qualify...he played two innings at short but has otherwise been a 3B since his rookie year. He's not the slick defender or good baserunner a lot of teams like as a reserve infielder, so you're looking at a platoon 3b whose strong side is a 727 ops against RHP but shouldn't face lefties.

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