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Help me decide which minor league jersey to buy?

I hope this is the appropriate forum for this thread. Anyway, I've unloaded a bunch of stuff on Ebay, (including a game used Huntsville Stars jersey and autographed Stars bat, search for it) so I should have enough money to pick up a couple of minor league jerseys of our affiliates. I need some opinions. I'll have enough money for 2 jerseys. Help me decide which I should get.


Choice #1, Nashville Sounds




Lots of great options here. I like both replica Braun jerseys as well as the black Prince replica jersey. However, I could pay $15 more and get a game-worn jersey from Mike Rivera, Chad Moeller (YES!), or others like Mitch Stetter or Ozzie Chavez. I'd be wearing the jersey, and not have it on display.


Choice #2, West Virginia Power



My main options are the 2 jerseys at the bottom of the page, the gray or the white. I'm leaning towards the white because it readily identifies it as a minor league baseball jersey where the gray could be confused for a Mountaineer jersey.


Choice #3: Huntsville Stars



The jersey is kind of bland, and I'd have to buy a cap to go with it. The Navy Aftermath cap is cool looking though.


Choice #4: Beloit Snappers



I still support the Snappers even though they are no longer a Brewers affiliate. I like the green jersey, as well as the game used BP jerseys. However, I don't want to spend money on a Snappers jersey if the team is going to be gone from Beloit in a year or 2.


Unfortunately, no jerseys for the Manatees or the Helena Brewers. The H-Brewers normally sell game used jerseys at the end of the year, so I'll wait for that. Last year I picked up a really cool camoflage jersey they sold. Great customer service from the guys in Helena, too.


Choices, choices, choices. Anyone have opinions?

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Of all those listed, I like the white Power jersey best, followed by the Sounds game-worn red BP top and the Stars jersey.


I have a game-worn sounds BP jersey of Nelson Cruz, and it's pretty nice, but definitely game worn. I also have a red/black Sounds jersey with Sarfate's name and number on it. It was 50.00 when I bought it last year, plus another 20 to have his name and number sown on, but I think it looks sharp.


The jersey that I really want is the one that Ben Hendrickson wore on the Huntsville Stars media guide back in 2002 or 2003. I haven't been able to find one of those, however.



"I guess underrated pitchers with bad goatees are the new market inefficiency." -- SRB

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