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The "Arizona Model"/Congrats to the Diamondbacks


Over the years, the Brewers have followed both the "Oakland Model", and the "Minnesota Model", as they've assembled young talent. I'm in favor of this approach, but for now, I prefer the "Arizona Model."


What is that you ask? When AZ was in Milwaukee a few weeks back, they looked completely disjointed and sloppy, they'd had a good run early in the year, but it looked as though they'd hit the wall, they'd fallen to 50-48. No one questioned the bounty of young talent on their roster, but it looked as though they needed more seasoning to really push them over the top....does any of this seem familiar, Brewers fans?


OK, as of now, the Diamondbacks have won 11 of their last 13 games, pulling out of a tailspin with a run of dominance that has them at 61-50, leading their division, and pushing toward the best record in the NL.


I'll take that plan, give me the Arizona Model, here's to letting talent take over, and riding high to a record of 69-53.


Young teams can drive you insane, but don't give up, if the talent is there, the hot streak that makes the difference can always happen.

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I think it is the Arizona/Milwaukee model. We both did the same thing this year, but the end result was different. As was pointed out in a couple of other threads the main difference between us and the D-Backs was the performance of the vets. Both core of young players did very well. But Webb, D. Davis, Byrnes, and O-Hudson led the team. We have the young core do well, but Sheets, Capuano, Jenkins and Hall all faltered when we needed them most.
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There are two ways to look at the D-Backs season.


A) they got lucky, their run differential screams fluke

B) Dominating Bullpen put them in the playoffs. Generally when pythagorean records lie its because of the Bullpen.


Arizona's W1 is 79, W2 is 77 and W3 is 77. My guess is the bullpen is partially the cause of this but there was a lot of luck as well. This isn't a team that played much better than the Brewers though even though they won 90 games in a stronger division.

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