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Prince on Cover of ESPN Mag

Very cool to see, with a great article along with it. The article pretty much talks about how he is the leader of the team and everyone respects him. There's also an awesome photo of him with the sausages. here's the link of the photo:


mods: didnt know how to get the link to have clickability. help would be appreciated. http://static.yuku.com/v2//domainskins/bypass/img/smileys/happy.gif


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Any way to see the picture of Prince with the sausages?


Stop in at your favorite local independent bookstore http://static.yuku.com/v2//domainskins/bypass/img/smileys/wink.gif


It is a very nice photo (and good, fun, fluff of an article).

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I rule.



Anyways, there's an article in the issue about the whole Nutt-Mustain saga at Arkansas and how a message board fan site/community was the catalyst for it. For whatever reason it reminded me of bf.net, although nothing quite like that has ever happened here.


Also a little snippet about a writer's experience running the sausage race as well. The 0:01 at the end of the issue was disappointing, as I've never heard of an underdog with a top-7 payroll..

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Just got mine in the mail today. I had already seen the pictures on here, but looking at the actual magazine in my hand was a completely different experience. It's amazing what he has done in such a short time. But the bigger thing, for me, was seing a Brewer uniform on the cover like that. It feels like i'm watching a movie and the mag is just a prop. For the longest time, only in a far off fantasy world would a Milwaukee Brewer become that popular.



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