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Hall of Fame Veterans Committee Changed


In recent years, 200 players have been considered for Vets Committee election to the HOF, this will now be narrowed to 20 players. Vets Committee will still vote once every two years.


Going forward, only living HOF players will vote on eligible players, living writers, execs, etc will vote on past execs, managers, umpires, etc.


This change is in reaction to zero players being elected in the last three VC ballots. Personally, I have no problem with no one being elected, if no one was deemed worthy.


I expect players like Ron Santo to get a boost from this change, I'll be surprised if no one gets in next time around, as this move was clearly designed to get more guys in.

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I was disappointed to see the change. Too many players are already in the HOF and now they're going to dilute it even more--sad affair I say. I wish they'd take up the old Bill James idea of an inner sanctum only for the best of the best. I'd make it uber exclusive with only two players at each position. And that when a new one came on board an old one would be pushed out. For instance when A-Rod gets elected to the inner sanctum then Mike Schmidt gets the nudge (just an example). I know there are problems with multipositional players but no system is perfect.
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I think this is a good idea for the HOF, because they're going to be lucky to get anybody elected in their first year of eligibility for a few years. Take a look at who gets their eligibility next year and the year after:


2008: Brady Anderson

Andy Benes

Delino DeShields

Shawon Dunston

Chuck Finley

Travis Fryman

David Justice

Chuck Knoblauch

Mike Morgan

Robb Nen

Tim Raines

Greg Swindell

Randy Velarde

Mark Wohlers


2009: Steve Avery

Jay Bell

John Burkett

David Cone

Mike Bordick

Ron Gant

Mark Grace

Rickey Henderson

Denny Neagle

Dean Palmer

Dan Plesac

Greg Vaughn

Mo Vaughn

Matt Williams

Mike Williams



Ugh! With the exception of Rickey Henderson, those lists are terrible. I would expect none of the others to make it (Grace is marginal).


So I guess this gives the Veterans Committee a chance to get some of the old guys in (Santo, Tommy John, Blyleven, etc.). The writers may still get Jim Rice, Mark McGwire, or Gossage in too. But it doesn't look good to get first-year eligibe guys in.

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Raines was great. Of course, McGwire should be going in as well, but he's being made an example of.


This two year gap is going to allow a bunch of guys who don't deserve it to get it - the Dawson/Rice/closers of the world. That's too bad.

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McGwire is Dave Kingman on steroids...if you put in McGwire, you have to put in Dave Kingman you hit 411 home runs without the Juice and that is probably about where McGwire would have been with out the Roids.
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