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IF the Brewers find a way to win the Central, who would we play in the first round? I don't think a division winner can play the wild card team if they play in the same division, so assuming that Arizona holds on there and the Padres hold on to the West, that would mean we would have to face one or the other, right?


The reason I ask is because I think we finish out the season at home with four against the Padres. That could set up a 7 - 9 game stretch entirely against San Diego. With off days thats twice through the rotation. Just something I was thinking about as my mind wandered while reading.



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Well past that, if the season ended today, the Mets would be playing the wild card team. I think the odds are on whoever wins the Central, will be playing whoever wins the West.

Correct, unless the Phils win the wild card, then the Mets would draw the central champ.


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On a side note, the Brewers will need to shuffle the rotation a bit to make sure Sheets makes his last regular season start on Sept 29th, not on the last day of the season the following day. Doing so will allow Sheets to pitch twice in the first round (if necessary):


Sept 29th Sheets (2nd to last game of season)


NLDS A Game 1 Oct. 3

NLDS A Game 2 Oct. 4 Sheets (4 days rest)

NLDS A Game 3 Oct. 6

NLDS A Game 4 Oct. 7

NLDS A Game 5 Oct. 9 Sheets (4 days rest)


Since the Brewers will almost certainly not have home field advantage, it also means that Sheets would make both starts on the road. The Brewers home games would be Sat, Oct 6th and Sunday, Oct 7th, right (2-2-1)?

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thanks, Russ. I made a comment about that yesterday in another thread and it looks like you took it and ran with it.


I'm not being sarcastic, either. Genuinely thankful that somebody besides myself is looking at that side of things.

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Playing the D'Backs would be a nice draw considering how the 'Crew has played well against them this season.


I think any team would be a great draw in the playoffs. Because that means we are in the PLAYOFFS!!! http://static.yuku.com//domainskins/bypass/img/smileys/smile.gif.


On a serious note, the best matchup for the Brewers is the D-Backs. But I hope the Padres get hot and bury Arizona before the last series of the year. Maybe the Padres will rest some starters if they have nothing to play for and vault the Brewers in the playoffs... I wouldn't mind playing the Padres then... and we could even show them our thanks for resting players by sweeping them...

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