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Ron Davenport

Brew Man Dan

What can we expect out of him?


My guess is that with time(2009), maybe a 4th outfielder.


Based off of his stats, it seems like he could go


.270/.335/465 .800 OPS in the majors


He seems to be a 2 - tool player -- Power and Defense, but the other 3 tools are pretty decent.


If i were to put him in the Power 50, he would probably go about 35, behind Ford, and ahead of Errecart.


Idea? Opinions? More Info? -- Please post

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he doesnt walk enough and he's spent 4 seasons in A+...he's not a prospect at all...he might be useful in AA, but he won't be around long enough to hit the majors....since he was a minor league free agent, the brewers will have to resign him after each season, or add him to the 40 man..
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Hi 999555999, and thanks for the post. Folks can feel free to post in the Transaction thread if they have a post like this about a newly-signed player.


Davenport is 25 years old, and has spent the better part of four of the past five seasons at high-A Dunedin in the Florida State League, where he could probably run for mayor.


This signing is a lot like Ron Acuna last season, a guy who is young considering he expired all seven years of his prior eligibility with his original team, and who Gord Ash was familiar with from his Blue Jay days.


It's a legitimate signing for a chance at some time at AA Huntsville, but Davenport certainly wouldn't be considered a Power 50 guy at this time, nor likely in the future, although we wish him well.

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