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Willy Adames: The Deep Dive

For the second instalment in this series, let's delve a little into Willy Adames underlying numbers, to try and see where he's been developing, and where there is growth still to come:   2021 When he first joined the Brewers in 2021, Adames posted a .285/.366/.521 for an .887 OPS, crushing fastballs all over American Family Field, but we should keep in mind that he had far lower expected stats with an xBA of .236 and an xSLG of .435, which would lead to an expected OPS of somethin

Can Robert Gasser make the opening day roster?

The news About Aaron Ashby being sidelined due to shoulder fatigue is not a good sign for this Brewers team who will hope to compete for the National League Central this upcoming season. Milwaukee will need all they can get in available arms if they hope to dethrone the reigning NL Central champion St. Louis Cardinals. We have yet to determine how serious this situation could be for Ashby, but this could present an opportunity for a highly regarded prospect to get an extended look in s

Prospect Comparison Part One : Sal Frelick vs Steven Kwan

Based on many recent comments about Steven Kwan being similar to Sal Frelick and him being a five WAR player last year, I decided to look into how comparable the two are as prospects. Steven Kwan's 2022 Season The most obvious reason for this comparison is that Frelick and Kwan are exceptionally good at avoiding the strikeout. Kwan was in the 100th percentile for both whiff rate and strikeout rate in the majors last year and the 96th percentile for chase rate. His whiff rate on two strike

Examining a potential 2025 Milwaukee Brewers starting rotation

The Milwaukee Brewers are in a win-now window. With aces Corbin Burnes and Brandon Woodruff under control through 2024, barring an extension for either, we will examine the potential future rotation. The Milwaukee Brewers have some good in-house options locked to be in the post-Burnes/Woodruff starting five. Freddy Peralta and Aaron Ashby have been signed to long-term team-friendly contracts. Peralta inked a five-year 15 million dollar deal, and Ashby signed a five-year 20 million dollar co

Christian Yelich: The Deep Dive

As I am sure few would argue, Christian Yelich has demonstrated one of the highest ceilings in franchise history. However, despite the disappointment of the last few years, it's important to pick out why he's been struggling. First off, let's dive into what the stats say has changed for Yelich since that infamous knee injury, first looking at the 2020 season, why it wasn't as bad as we thought, and then the following years where the back has possibly played up a little more. 2020

William Contreras - The Deep Dive

This time around, let's take a quick dive into William Contreras, his historical hitting, and how he has the potential to be a premier hitter for the Brewers. Development The blockbuster trade to acquire Contreras has undoubtedly been the Brewers' biggest move this off-season due to his All-Star production at the plate of .278/.354/.506 and the Brewers' recent history of markedly developing their catchers' defensive capabilities, particularly their receiving skills. However, Contreras

Milwaukee Brewers have a nice problem with infield depth

This off-season has been one of the mixed opinions for Brewers fans.  The team has made some trades to acquire bullpen depth and one blockbuster to acquire the catcher of the future, William Contreras. Recently though, the team has signed Brian Anderson, and they made a trade for Wisconsin native Owen Miller not that long ago. With the team already having shortstop locked down by Willy Adames and second base supposedly going to Brice Turang, where does that leave many of the recent acq

How does the Brian Anderson signing effect the roster?

The Milwaukee Brewers have inked a contract with 3rd basemen and corner outfielder Brian Anderson. What does this acquisition mean for Milwaukee? Let's deep dive.  Anderson, not to be confused with long time Brewers color commentator Brian Anderson, has been a main stay in the Miami Marlins organization since he debuted in September of 2017.   In 2019 Anderson slashed .261/.342/.468. He hit 20 home runs a career high and drove in 66 runs. This was a career year for Anderson. Fast

The Quest for an .800+ OPS Hitter Part Two - Jesse Winker

For part two of this series, I'm going to focus a little on Jesse Winker, particularly his injury history. Historically, despite regular injuries throughout his carer, Jesse Winker has a career slash line of .270/.374/.463, with several healthier seasons comfortably above .900 OPS. He has struggled through shoulder dislocation, abdominal strains, intercostal issues, and knee issues. To focus on his two most recent injuries, I've looked in a little more depth to see the return timelines

The Quest for an .800+ OPS hitter Part One - Rowdy Tellez

So I was thinking recently about the number of quality batters required by teams who succeed in the playoffs, and how the Brewers compare and had a brief look into the stats. Taking an .800+ OPS as a good barometer, the Brewers had one hitter last year who passed this mark (Hunter Renfroe, now gone). The Astros had four qualified hitters breaching this mark, including Altuve with .900+ and Alvarez with over 1.000. The Phillies had Bryce Harper (included as he did have 370 PA's), Kyle S

How the Dodgers Develop So Many Good Players

According to a recent poll conducted by MLB, the Dodgers have one of the top three farm systems in all of baseball, and honestly that should be a shock given the picks they've been getting (and perhaps a relief that they haven't had the top of the draft picks to work with, or we would maybe see multiple phenoms in this organization). Obviously the draft is a little bit of a crapshoot, and it's tough project for injuries, development, and I think the mental approach of the player combined wi

It's Always Time For a Change with Devin Williams

What makes a good closer? For the most part, they're expected to have high velocity and otherworldly "stuff", especially since they're often brought in at the eleventh hour and are only expected to pitch for a single inning. You can see this preference for speed by taking a closer look at some of the best closers in the MLB and their average pitch velocities in 2022: Edwin Diaz (NYM): 99 mph FF, 91 mph SL Emmanuel Clase (CLE): 100 mph FC, 92 mph SL Jhoan Duran (MIN): 101 mph FF, 8

Making Quick Work of the Minor Leagues

It's been quite some time since the Milwaukee Brewers have had multiple promising young position players developed from draft to the majors on the horizon. Garrett Mitchell, Joey Wiemer, Sal Frelick and Brice Turang are four promising youngsters that we haven't seen the likes of since the late 2000's when Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, Prince Fielder and Corey Hart were breaking into the big leagues.  Back in 2007, the Brewers top prospect was Ryan Braun. Braun, the #5 overall pick in the 2005 M


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Need a gift idea for the Brewer fan in your life?

Our friends at FOCO are back again with a new collection of bobbleheads, but this time with a few twists. Their brand-new Holiday Bobble Bros collection is in stock and ready to ship ahead of the holidays. Unlike most of FOCO's bobbleheads, these are not limited and retail at a much lower price for just $30. This makes them the perfect stocking stuffer and a great addition to any Brewers fan’s home.  The collection features team mascots wearing reindeer themed hats. They are also sporting a

Brock Beauchamp

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Six Months of Brewer Fanatic

I haven't checked in for a bit - my August baseball slump kicked in hard watching both the Twins and Brewers falter night after night - but now that the kids are back in school, expect to see a lot more of me as we gear up for the offseason and the hot stove season where hope springs anew as we envision only the best and brightest things in 2023. To kick off the offseason, we're developing a really cool payroll tool that allows you to craft your own payroll and easily post it to the forums.

This is not normal ... but is it the new normal?

Author's note: Because of ease of sorting for the various categories, I used Baseball Reference for team ages and Fangraphs for age season the individual players were in. Also, 2006 is used as a cutoff date for some of the items because that is how far back Fangraphs’ database goes. It is no secret that this year’s Carolina Mudcats squad has been young, filled with teens who came through the DSL pipeline — the kind of roster where, especially on offense, guys who can legally drink are the e


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One by One - Let us see what the remaining schedule holds for the Brewers (predictions added)

If you are anything like me, the last few games against the Cubs made me want to scream, laugh, cry, laugh, throw my tv out the apartment, and laugh again. The division we once sat at the top of is now red and we sit 5 games back. The NL wild card we once did not partake in now has us 1.5 games outside of the last spot.  It does not matter what the Brew Crew once did but what now it is what the Brew Crew will do that determines whether or not Milwaukee gets to see October baseball. I am an

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Ubaldo Castillo in Playoffs

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Week 17 + 18: @ Pittsburgh Pirates + vs Cincinnati Reds + vs Tampa Bay Rays + @ St. Louis Cardinals

Coming out of the 2022 Trade Deadline, you Milwaukee Brewers looked to have 3 series within the division, including a crucial 3-game series against the competing St. Louis Cardinals, plus a 2-game home series against a good Tampa Bay Rays team.  Knowing that the sending of Josh Hader to the San Diego Padres was a blow to the morale and confidence to the team [what does it say when management sends an All-Star to another competing NL team], how will the Brew Crew bounce back.  Come join the Brew

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Trade Deadline + Week 15: vs Colorado Rockies + vs Minnesota Twins + @ Boston Red Sox

Coming out of the All-Star break, the Brewers got hot and really started creating momentum for their team and their post-season push.  The team was looking loose and really enjoying themselves, fans were getting energize, and we were seeing areas of weakness [offense] start to turn it around.  The Brewers were scoring more runs than almost any other team in MLB.Then, the trade deadline approached and totally flipped everything on its head.  What moves did the Brewers make?  How did that impact t

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Weeks 12 - 14 + All-Star Break - Look Back @ 1st Half of Season

As Brewer fans, we're used to our Brew Crew limping into the break.  Since 2013, they've only seen one year where they had a winning record within the final stretch the the All-Star game.  For the 2022 season, that was no different.  Remember, that includes 4 straight years where the Crew have made the playoffs.  Thus, don't let this slump discourage you on they season they've had thus far and what the rest of the year holds for them.With the Brewers, and the rest of the MLB, now reaching that A

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Week 10 + 11: @ Mets + @ Reds + vs Cardinals + vs Blue Jays

The BCCC crew look to  recap the past week's + games for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Weeks 9 & 10 for the Brewers included a 3 game road trip against the New York Mets,  a 3 game road trip against the Cincinnati Reds, a 4 game home series vs the St. Louis Cardinals, and a  3 game home series vs the Toronto Blue Jays.  They went 8-5 in that stretch, putting their record at 42-33 overall, which is good enough for 1st in the NL Central and and 5th in the National League.    

Milwaukee Brewers 2022 Season: Week 8.5 + 9 - vs San Diego Padres + vs Philadelphia Phillies + @ Washington Nationals

The BCCC crew look to  recap the past week's + games for the Milwaukee Brewers.  Week 8.5 & 9 for the Brewers included a 4 game home series against the San Diego Padres, a 3 game home series against the Philadelphia Phillies, and a 3 game road trip to the Washington Nationals.  They went 2-8 in that stretch, putting their record at 34-28 overall, which is good enough for 2nd in the NL Central and drop out of the top 5 in the National League.   Thur. 3/2: Brewers vs Padre

What will the 2023 Brewers Line up Bring?

As someone who plays MLB 22 The Show on a daily basis (I know…it’s a problem) I constantly think about how prospects will develop. On that same note, I also think about how those prospects will affect roster decisions and line ups for teams. In this post we will examine position by position the outlook for the 2023 Brewers season.  Catcher -  This year we saw the duo of Omar Narvaez and Victor Caratini take care of the Brewers pitching staff. Going into the 2023 season Omar Narvaez is set

Ubaldo Castillo

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