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Better Devils sourcing, miscellany

Stathead -- the folks at Sports Reference, the people behind the incomparable Baseball Reference -- is exceptionally powerful, but slicing and dicing data can be frustrating. This is the output of the work I did for this morning's column, as you can see, there's no way to derive game result at that level, so yes, I had to go one-by-one through the no-decision games to come up with a record. That wasn't fun, but when I noticed that the Brewers were struggling more as the strikeout totals diminish

Brent Sirvio

Brent Sirvio in The Weekly

Who likes to hit? That's still what I'm still trying to figure out.

Fernando Vina squints in the spring sun as he faces down Texas’ Ken Hill.  Vina chops his bat twice, then readies for Hill’s pitch…fastball…just a bit outside.  The 1997 season was the last time the Brewers had a regular DH.  Dave Nilsson started that April 1st game and led the team with 54 games at DH that season.  Now 25 years later as the Brewers prepare to re-enter the Baseball world where pitchers pitch and hitters hit, how prepared are we to maximize our offense?  What will be the Bre


CheezWizHed in MLB Rule Changes

The Legs Feed the Wolf

Popularized by Kurt Russell's portrayal of Herb Brooks in Miracle, the title of this, my debut column for Brewer Fanatic, is something that occurred to me considering not just Luis Urias' quad injury, but also the myriad lower body injuries that have plagued the Milwaukee Brewers in recent years. Let's look at some of the recent highlights: Luis Urias' quad (last year and this!) Willy Adames' quad. Christian Yelich's kneecap. Travis Shaw's ankle. Rowdy Tellez' knee. Dan "Big Rhinelander" Vo

Brent Sirvio

Brent Sirvio in The Weekly

I Don't Know...Third Base!

In Saturday's non-televised game against the Texas Rangers, infielder Luis Urías exited early after injuring himself while running the bases. Reports came in quickly that Urías strained his left quadriceps muscle. After the game, manager Craig Counsell told reporters in Arizona that they'd know more about the severity of the injury come Sunday morning after some tests were performed. The results of those efforts ended up being that Urías will be out at least two weeks which puts his Opening Day

Adam Rygg

Adam Rygg in Roster News

We want you to blog & we'll bribe you to do it!

One of the key aspects of this new site is that it extends the concept of community beyond posts, threads, and forums. We have status updates, we have reactions, we have follower lists, we have much more of a social media model (without the trolling and general awfulness) but at the very core of our concept of community is our user blogs. Every user, once they register and post two pieces of content (comments, status updates, or threads) “graduate” to the Verified Member group, which opens

Welcome to Brewer Fanatic!

Dear BrewerFan.net users, welcome to the new Brewer Fanatic! First, your accounts from BrewerFan.net work here, though I’m sure some of you have lost access to your linked email account, which may prevent you from logging in. If you have any issues logging in, just shoot me an email at admin@brewerfanatic.com and I’ll get you sorted immediately. Things might seem a little overwhelming but I promise this site is very easy to use and within days, you’ll wonder how you lived without table

Brewer Fanatic Tips & Tricks: Following

Welcome to the latest entry into my Tips & Tricks series! In this brief post, I’ll quickly run through another new-to-us feature, “Following”. This will allow you to track and follow the content of people and content you like throughout the website. Essentially, there are three aspects to following what you enjoy on the site: following categories, following content, and following individuals. I’ll run through each aspect and how each can be useful to you and improve how you find your fa

Introducing Achievements!

Welcome to the brief rundown of our newest feature, achievements! I have spent a rather unhealthy amount of time developing it for the site. I hope you enjoy experiencing it as much as I enjoyed building it. Achievements, or awards, or gamification… you’ve probably run into it before in other avenues of your digital life. Achievements are most common (and were largely born out of) the console video game world, beginning on the Xbox platform in the mid-2000s. Basically, it boils down to

Brewer Fanatic Tips & Tricks: The Feed!

As opposed to the previous default state of the site, you may want to set a custom feed as your Brewer Fanatic landing page. It's that useful. Instead of having to click through the (kinda insanely large now) site, you can tailor a feed to show basically whatever you want: select authors, topics you've followed, fellow users, unread content only... the list goes on. First, to find your personal feed, near the top right of the screen you will see a newspaper icon in the red bar below your us

Brewer Fanatic Tips & Tricks, Part One: Tables!

Brewer Fanatic Tips & Tricks, Part One: Tables! With this series of blog entries, I'm going to try to cover some of the features of the new site in a few paragraphs. Using the old site, as I'm sure many of you are aware, tables were basically unusable. That has changed! I'll tackle B-Ref tables quickly in this post but you can do similar things with FanGraphs or other sites that use table data (which is how almost all stat sites display their content). First, pop on over to Corbin Burnes's B
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