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In Saturday's non-televised game against the Texas Rangers, infielder Luis Urías exited early after injuring himself while running the bases. Reports came in quickly that Urías strained his left quadriceps muscle. After the game, manager Craig Counsell told reporters in Arizona that they'd know more about the severity of the injury come Sunday morning after some tests were performed. The results of those efforts ended up being that Urías will be out at least two weeks which puts his Opening Day start in jeopardy.

If all that has you asking "Who's on Third?" and you respond to yourself with the classic "I Don't Know", you're in the right spot.

I won't get into all of the why in this space today, but the immediate options as to who could play third for the Brewers until Urías returns to the lineup include last season's surprise Jace Peterson, new Brewer and natural third baseman Mike Brosseau (who was acquired via trade from the Tampa Bay Rays before the owners' lockout), and 2021's utility man and frequent optionee Pablo Reyes.

The Brewers hope that they know what they've got in Peterson. He was a strong contributor at the plate when called upon in 2021, despite being available more than once to every other team in the league. If Peterson approximates the same level of offensive output in 2022, he'd be very viable as strong side of a platoon until Urías is ready.

The soft side of that platoon would then come in the form of Brosseau who general manager Matt Arnold brought over in part because of his demonstrated ability to mash against left-handed pitching, an area of weakness for the Milwaukee offense last year.

Backing them up -- likely at Triple-A Nashville to open the season unless the league decides to expand April rosters due to the shortness of this Spring Training -- would be Reyes.

They're covered at the hot corner, is my point. Urías can take his time and make sure he's healthy before he gets back on the field.

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Agreed. OBJ and Brosseau is actually a pretty good way to cover. A few years ago I’d have been happy with that platoon as the initial plan, let alone short term coverage. 

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Reyes had quite a nice stint late last season if we recall. Heck, I even recall posters opining they wish they’d find a way to keep him up as the next suprisingly effective utility man. He plays hard and runs the bases with a passion. He’s an easy Vet to like. Glad he’s in the organization. 

i have to think, at present, they are going to give Brousseau every opportunity to take that job to start the season while sprinkling in some Jace vs some Righties. 

The ? Remains: were Brousseau’s first 2 seasons the Norm, was last the new Norm, or is it somewhere in between. My guess is the latter.

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Its an interesting mix because each of the three players are really in their own lane. Peterson being the vet who was consistent when called upon, Brousseau being a bit of an unknown in regard to consistency, and Reyes being a young guy with upside and something to prove.

Personally, if it looks like Urias won't be out very long, I'd opt for Reyes or Brousseau in a 'high risk, high reward' situation. Might just discover something special.

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I still think that with the limit on times optioned for players this year before having to expose them to waivers, they'll do their best to not carry Reyes on the Opening Day roster if Urías won't miss much time.

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And now, with the Joel Sherman report that the owners are set to vote on expanding rosters to 28 for the month of April, I'd be surprised if Reyes wasn't on the Opening Day roster if Urías isn't ready.

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10 hours ago, Adam Rygg said:

And now, with the Joel Sherman report that the owners are set to vote on expanding rosters to 28 for the month of April, I'd be surprised if Reyes wasn't on the Opening Day roster if Urías isn't ready.

Has there been word on whether or not that would count as an option, toward the limit of five? If it counts, I don’t think he makes the 28. They could carry Sullivan or more arms. If it counts as one of the five options, it may also impact the use of arms.

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5 minutes ago, Adam Rygg said:

It should count as one of the five in-season options, yes.

But the initial option also counts, if he starts in AAA? 

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If he's on the 40-man to begin the year, and is optioned to get to Triple-A, I can't see how it wouldn't count.

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