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Young Brew Crew Spotlight: Tyler Woessner

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Tyler Woessner is a pitcher that doesn’t get enough love amongst Brewers Minor League pitchers, but he should. 


Tyler Woessner is a 6-4, 230lbs pitcher from Phoenix, AZ where he attended Pinnacle High School and then went on to attend Central Arizona College which is a Junior College. He was drafted by the Brewers in the 6th round of the 2022 Amateur Draft.


Woessner’s college pitching stats (which you can find here) are quite impressive. Over his career, he boasted a 3.94 ERA, 21 wins and only 3 losses, and only allowed 12 home runs over 210.1 innings pitched. However, I think his most impressive stat was his 10.87 strikeouts per nine innings pitched. That is incredible for a college pitcher no matter the level. After he was drafted, Woessner pitched only 7 innings in 2022 across Brewers Gold in the Arizona Complex League and Carolina. He only threw 7 innings because he pitched a lot of innings in order to give his college team the best chance they had at winning the Junior College World Series, which they did indeed win. He is currently having a very exciting start to the 2023 season with which he is pitching for Wisconsin at High-A. He is sporting a 2.59 ERA over 31.1 innings. With a pitching staff at High-A that has some really solid options, Woessner has stood out among the staff thus far.

Year Age AgeDif Tm Lg Lev Aff W L W-L% ERA RA9 G GS IP H R ER HR BB SO WHIP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9
2023 23 -0.3 Wisconsin MIDW A+ MIL 3 1 .750 2.59 3.73 6 6 31.1 28 13 9 0 12 24 1.277 8.0 0.0 3.4 6.9

So, Where Does He Rank?

MLB Pipeline: N/A

FanGraphs: N/A


Even with Woessner pitching the way he is, Pipeline failed to recognize him as a top 30 prospect in the organization, and I do think that is fair. He has only pitched roughly 38 innings in his professional career, all of which has been at the lower levels. However, I honestly would not be surprised to see Woessner start moving up in the organization around the All-Star break and beyond.

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Sorry for no entries everyone! School is finally done for the summer, so I am going to try to get these out more often! In the mean time, enjoy this article on Woessner, one of the most underrated pitchers in the org! Also don't forget to follow and comment!

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Good article . I agree with what you said in the, but he will need to tick up his FB a little bit to be effective as he moves up.

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I think he can be one of those risers in the rankings but I can't say I know what or how hard he throws. If he can get to the 95 mph range he has some potential, but his college stats are meh and aside from his ERA his other stats aren't great either for a 23 and a half year old in high A. At 6'4" 230 he is probably already filled out, my guess is that he is a nice organizational guy maybe along the lines of Alec Bettinger. 

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