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I was going to make a post on the Major Leagues Thread, but I decided that this is a better place. People are frustrated now. But the key for the team is how they follow up this rough streak.


1-1 vs Braves

2-2 vs FLA

2-1 vs Cubs

2-1 at Texas

1-2 at Detroit

2-1 at Minnesota

2-1 vs SF

2-1 vs Royals

2-1 vs Astros


that'd be 16-11...not great, but that's how to bounce back from this streak. Let's see if we can get to 8-10 games over .500 by the break.

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I expected the Brewers' offense to come home and settle into a groove yesterday. The fact that they didn't makes me no less confident that they'll break out tonight. I don't care if they're facing Smoltz, Clemens, or Cy Young in his prime, this is too good a group of hitters to keep down for long.


I'd be disappointed if Sheets needed to be perfect tonight; I think if he turns in any kind of quality start (and possibly even if he doesn't), this is a win for the Crew.

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Terrace Reserve for me tonight, ehh. If the Crew does not find a way to win this one, I might be needing a break from all things Baseball for a few days. Not a clean break, just a temporary separation of sorts. Please don't let it come down to this. Please beat the Braves, if for nothing else but to save our relationship.
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So do we see Counsell start tonight, and drive all the CC haters crazy? His splits look good. Or do you save him for a double switch?

I don't think Braun has seen anyone close to Smoltz in AAA. But you can bet Smoltz has seen Braun chase the high outside pitch.

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Wasn't John Smoltz considered basically washed up a couple years ago at one point, being demoted to bullpen mop up status?


No. He was converted to a closer for a few years. And he was very good at it. Ended up getting 154 saves before they returned him to the starting rotation. Only pitcher in the history of the game to have 200 wins and 150+ saves.


Hes a future HOF.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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Smoltz was moved into the closer role, not sure if he was ever "mop-up duty," but ICBW.


After tonight, Braun will have faced Greg Maddux, Jake Peavy and John Smoltz all in his first week in the bigs. Tough.

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Thanks for the info. I didn't follow them closely back then and just remember reading some things that he was upset he was moved to the pen. I had the impression at the time he was basically washed up or something. Turns out I was wrong.


I agree, he definitly is a future HOFer.

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Wasn't John Smoltz considered basically washed up a couple years ago at one point, being demoted to bullpen mop up status?


If I remember right, he wasn't necessarily moved into the closer's role, but was placed there after an injury. He wasn't a starter then one day a closer. He had some arm issues several years back and I think he missed significant time, like a whole season or something like that. After he had surgery, they weren't sure if he could fill the role of a starter again, due to stamina issues, but he could still deal, so he became a closer. He was incredibly effective and was one of the most dominate closers in the game at that point. A couple years later, he had enough conditioning and his arm was good enough to become a starter once again, and he is still the same old Smoltz...really good.

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