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Is Coke ZERO safe to drink?


About 20 min ago I opened a coke zero. It tastes okay and helps me kill my constant craving for a coke.

But this last one I opened has been fizzing non stop - coming out of the top of the can and then disolving and going back in. This has been non stop I have never seen something like this before. Can any science majors tell me what is going on. Should I drink it and see if I blow up?

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I know Coca-Cola can be used to dissolve grease out of clothing threads**, and rust from metal. When dentists warn you about drinking soda, they ain't kiddin'!


**I could not recommend this more. This is an amazing way to get food grease out from clothing -- just trust me. Soak the grease-splotched item in Coke for a while (I usually like to do it for an hour-plus, just to be on the safe side... I bet a chem. major here could help clear up how long is actually necessary), then just throw in the wash as you would any other clothing item. No scrubbing required.



Oh, sorry for hijacking, aracko. I'd be concerned too, in your position.

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