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5/13/07 Brewers (Capuano) @ Mets (Perez): 12:10 PM CDT





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Beat the Mets!

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The fans over at the Met's message board are discussing a possible trade for wOOgiE22 to start their IGTs. I'm not sure what sort of posters they are willing to part with, but I'm pretty sure we have wOOgiE locked up for the rest of the year at least, but wOOgiE is posting like it's a contract year, so I'm not sure.


Check out what they have to say HERE


Also, they want to know, "What the hell is WOAH SOLVDD?" http://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/smile.gif

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but wOOgiE is posting like it's a contract year, so I'm not sure.


Ha that is funny. But its true. Come on boys, break out those pink bats and lets get out of NY with 2 of 3. Hopefully Mr. Hall has his pink bat ready to go with some heroics today.

Formerly BrewCrewIn2004



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How about a little:


Junior Gwynn

Rickie - seven nights a - Weeks

NL RBI leader

Son of Cecil

Billy Pinkerton

Sunglasses at Night

Damian I don't lose

T Graff

Diamondback loot


Reward the hot hand...

Chips have another game in him this week?

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I hope he doesn't go all Roger Clemens on us next year.


Mark A will be more than willing to open his pocketbook for himhttp://forum.brewerfan.net/images/smilies/wink.gif


For me... on the other hand...

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Mench and Hart are the obvious choices to start.


True, Russ, but I have gotten really pumped about TGJ. It's kinda hard not to.


I suppose I could pretty much just say that about the whole 07 Brewers (sans Spurling and Dessens), but TGJ has been a pleasant surprise. He really wasn't on my radar at the start of the year with everything else that was going on in the OF.


This team just about makes me want to jump out of bed in the morning and declare, "It's gonna be a beautiful day!"

Brew Crew: Don't Let Me Down
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Here's the lineup. Mench and Hart get the nod as should be...


 Pos Player HR RBI AVG. Pos Player HR RBI AVG. --- ------ -- --- ---- --- ------ -- --- ---- 2B Weeks, Rickie 5 13 .242 SS Reyes, Jose 2 22 .336 SS Hardy, JJ 11 34 .333 2B Easley, Damion 4 6 .250 1B Fielder, Prince 11 31 .300 CF Beltran, Carlos 7 27 .321 CF Hall, Bill 4 15 .273 3B Wright, David 3 15 .255 C Estrada, Johnny 3 12 .306 1B Franco, Julio 1 5 .267 LF Mench, Kevin 2 12 .295 C Castro, Ramon 3 9 .235 RF Hart, Corey 1 9 .264 LF Chavez, Endy 0 6 .361 3B Graffanino, Tony 1 8 .231 RF Gomez, Carlos 0 0 .000 P Capuano, Chris (5-0, 2.31) P Perez, Oliver (3-3, 3.48 ) 

Brew Crew: Don't Let Me Down
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