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New Portishead in a week. Forcast for hell: Chilly


And it only took 10 years to make! I have heard a couple of tracks and it's REALLY dense. As expected.


This is a plan for how not to become a ridiculously famous band:

1. Make a debut album that is amazing and genre-defining and ends up winning the Mercury Music Prize

2. Follow it up with a fairly good and really quite gritty second record that cements your position as one of the country's most interesting electronic bands.

3. Do nothing for the next decade.


But that's pretty much exactly what Bristol-based Portishead did. If you can believe it, Dummy was released way back in 1994 and the slightly less famous Portishead album came out in 1997. For those of you counting, it means that the last time the band released a record Tony Blair was still a fresh-faced politician who was going to make Britain cool by inviting Oasis to Number 10 for tea.




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well, never listened to em. But I do like Trip Hop, I'm a big fan of Tricky and Massive Attack.

I don't mean anything disrespectful by this, but you may be the first person in the history of the world to have listened to Tricky and Massive Attack (also putting out an album this year!) but not have listened to Portishead. In the middle-late 90's those three bands were pretty much the ruling troika of trip-hopdom. You'll probably love Portishead's first album "Dummy".


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Rad.. I'll check those out. I own all those other albums besides Portishead action. It's odd, I thought I was the only one to really like Tricky and Massive Attack, not much of a scene here in the states. Still mad Tricky couldn't get into the states due to some "Visa" issue few years back.
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