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Help with lyrics


Well, I've tried this before here with about as much information and got lucky so I'll try it again. I'm trying to figure out the title/artist of two songs that I have heard in the last 3-4 months, so they are relatively new. Both fall under the trance/progressive house category and I heard them on Sirius 33 (Area 33) during different mix sessions from DJs. Which ones I don't know because I heard them in my car, and my factory-installed satellite radio does not show title/artist/program info. Both songs feature female vocalists. I've done searches on what I think are the lyrics but with no results coming up on Ask or Google. So if you're deep into trance/progressive house, I could use your help here.


Song #1 - suspected lyrics:

- chorus repeats something like "I love the night"

- other chorus lyrics repeated: "Everybody wants to be with you, and everybody want to ____ with you" (couldn't make out what the ___ is)

- other lyrics: "Night by night, day by day, just leave me alone and let me ____ away"

- this one I have heard more often than #2


Song #2 - suspected lyrics:

- chorus contains lyrics "then you wish you found something... now you wish you found anything" (that's all I have)

- only heard it once, about 3-4 months ago


If the lyrics sound familiar please let me know. Thanks!

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Wow, that is a really helpful tool that I will bookmark. I have had more than a few times I have come racing home to try and get on-line to figure out what a song was but by the time my computer started up it was too late, and they never respond to emails when I ask about a title/artist. Thank you very much for posting that.



Don't think it will help with the original search though as I think I heard them during a DJ mix session (Vonyc Sessions, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, etc.). But a very helpful tool.

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Heard #1 again on Saturday night - about 6:24PM Pacific. I think they will replay the Vonyc sessions at 9PM Pacific tonight (11PM Central), so this should be on at either 11:24 or 12:24 PM Central tonight (Monday). Pretty sure it was Vonyc sessions that was Saturday night; I think it started at 5PM Pacific.


If anyone can listen to Sirius 38 at those times tonight and help ID it I would appreciate it.

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