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Mark Grudzielanek

If Rickie Weeks comes back and continues to struggle with OBP's south of .325 (assuming they put him back in the leadoff role), any thought to doing another DeLa Rosa for another Kansas City second baseman?


I certainly don't advocate sending Rickie Weeks to Kansas City, but keeping him for the bench (or to AAA) and bring in a veteran 2 month rental guy like Mark Grudzielanek who's line this season is .303/.358/.398 (.290/.332/.395 career) . I can't imagine the asking price would be too high for his services as his contract is expiring after this season, and he isn't exactly Brian Roberts.


Grudz plays pretty solid defense, and could provide some OBP on top the order. I don't know what KC would want for Grudz, but maybe it is a possibility if Melvin is looking to upgrade the offense a bit. Personally, I prefer Rickie to bust out like he was suppose to and not need Grudz, but if there was any smoke to that Brian Roberts talk, there may be some fire in that Melvin is looking at upgrading the offense a bit and with it make the middle infield a bit stronger defensively. In reality if Weeks has a 3 week hot streak, he will catch Grudzielanek offensively. If not, again maybe he is a low cost option.

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Not happy with Rickie's .325 OBP, so you trade something for a guy with a .332 OBP?

His OBP is .358


I know Al was referring to his career stats but I agree with you Danzig, it's about this year and Grudzielank last 5 years OBP: .366, .347, .334, .331, .346, and this year's .361, all while never hitting below .294 or slugging under .400 are a significant upgrade over Weeks in 2008: .210/.325/.358.
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Greinke is actually having another excellent year. He is 24. I think the Royals would only be interested in trading him since he'll be a FA soon. His first season was 2004, but he missed all of 2006. I think he was eligible for Arby this winter, meaning he will be a FA after the 2010 season. The Brewers could trade for him, and if he pitches well, maybe give him a modest 4 year deal to buy out 2 years of Arby and 2 Years of FA.


The guy has a decent WHIP, a very good K/BB ratio, and a mid 3 ERA. I'm sure it would cost something, but this would be a good guy to acquire with Mark G.


I'll amend the offer to Weeks/Carlos V/mid level propsect (they can have Gwynn for free) in exchange for Zach/Mark G


Further note- If we lose Sheets this is EXACTLY the type we need to acquire. He probably isn't a #1 type, but would be a VERY solid #2

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It's about this year and Grudzielank last 5 years OBP: .366, .347, .334, .331, .346, and this year's .361,

So Grudz has never once matched Weeks 374 OBA from last year? Weeks had a poor OBA at this time last year too. Odds are pretty good Weeks will have a better OBA than Grudz from this point forward. Odds are excellent Weeks will have more steals, and advance more bases on hits.


"88.6% of all statistics are made up right there on the spot" Todd Snider


-Posted by the fan formerly known as X ellence. David Stearns has brought me back..

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