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7/16 3:40PM Brewers(Bush) @ Diamondbacks(Vargas)


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How nice of FSN to show us a bunch of nobodies playing billiards instead of the Brewers game. It's 98 degrees outside and it's a perfect day to stay indoors. But no game on TV.



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I had a good feeling about that at bat. It looked (on gameday) like an at-bat jenks would have when he's feeling it. Lots of foul offs, and laying off with 2 strikes occasionally. Let's hope this is his turnaround!




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quintessential brady clark out there today, nice to see


turns over the line-up beating out infield single

scores from first on double to the gap


legs out a potential double play ball

heads up base running to take 2nd on a ball the catcher needs to block

scores on 2 out single


i fully expect to see him laid out in center field for a fly ball before the afternoon is over.

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Teach me.


Well, the way I pictured it was Brady would be ranging to his right charging in for a ball, getting a nice 4 - 6 feet of slidage on the grass post catch, uniform ready for a Tide commercial challenge.


but I guess I'll take it.

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