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Jim Bowden on ESPN NEWS

At the end of the interview he said the following:

"Expect a blockbuster trade to happen within 72 hours... O and trust me your peter gammons will have some details before everyone knows anything. Laughs"

Interviewer: "A trade involving the Nationals?"

Bowden: "I dont wanna comment. Laughs"



Thoughts on the trade?

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If Manny and Griffey would waive their clauses I could see the 2 of them swapping places with Ryan Freel moving full time to CF and Manny taking over in LF.


That would be a really potent lineup with







6.brandon phillips

7.David Ross

8. alex gonzalez

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The Red Sox need more than that!!


Griffey's numbers pale in comparison to Manny's.


Maybe Dunn and a good starter to Boston.



ESPN.com is saying that the Mariners are involved in Manny talks. I'm guessin Richie is one of the big names involved. Possibly Betancourt too.

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So they would have an OF with Dunn and Ramirez? Yikes. I don't think that will happen, nor do I think Boston would want Griffey. He's not a good defender anymore, and he didn't hit that well last year, either.


The Red Sox would certainly want Dunn. Bowden still hearts Griffey, so it's just a matter of what the Reds would get (but, why would the Reds deal with the Nats again?).

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Ok, I'm just going to go from thread to thread this week and bring everyone back to reality. A-Rod and Manny are not coming to Milwaukee, unless a) they are traded to a NL club or b) they are traded to an AL club who we play in interleague play next year.


Just take a deep breath and stop talking about A-Rod or Manny coming to Milwaukee in a trade.

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Guess I must have missed the Jim Bowden comments, since most of you had seen/heard more thatn what's posted here.


But I agree. No Manny (is it possible he's worse in LF than Lee?J, and A-Rod (can't have a player making over 1/3 of stated budget!).

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