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A-Rod for Burrell

The Philadelphia Inquirer has floated the idea of an Alex Rodriguez for Pat Burrell trade.


The Phils could definitely use a third baseman, but why the Yanks would want Burrell is beyond us. The Inquirer suggests he could DH and allow New York to shift Jason Giambi back to first base, but the Yanks don't appear to want Giambi to play the field. Of course, if Burrell were a smooth-fielding first baseman, things might be different.

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Away from New York, will A-Rod actually stay at third?


Depends on where he goes. If he goes to Philly I'd guess they'd keep Rollins at SS and keep A-Rod at 3rd.


My god could you imagine if he did go to Philly? That's an incredible infield


1B- Howard 2B- Utley SS- Rollins 3B- A-Rod. WOW!

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He's an idiot if he doesn't elect free agency. He would become the number 1 positon free agent. A 28 year old infielder coming off three consecutive 900+ OPS seasons? He would actually be worth going after in free agency.

While he's due a lot of money this year, it's only for one year. Thus, I agree that he'd be smart to go out and get that 5 year mega deal that may entail a pay cut in 2007, but guarantee a buttload in subsequent years.

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