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2011-09-25 Marlins (Nolasco) at Brewers (Narveson) - [Brewers win, 9-5]


September 25 - 1:10 P.M.




Pitching Matchup


Ricky Nolasco

10-11, 4.46

Brewers vs. Nolasco
Nolasco Game Log

Chris Narveson

10-8, 4.40

Marlins vs. Narveson
Narveson Game Log

Starting Lineups

  1. CF Bonifacio
  2. 2B Infante
  3. RF Stanton
  4. 1B López
  5. C Buck
  6. SS Murphy
  7. LF Rottino
  8. 3B Dominguez
  9. P Nolasco

  1. RF Hart
  2. CF Kotsay
  3. LF Braun
  4. 1B Fielder
  5. 2B Weeks
  6. 3B Hairston Jr.
  7. SS Betancourt
  8. C Kottaras
  9. P Narveson

Media Coverage


Brewerfan Game Chat

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Fan Sites

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I just don't get it. We have not one, but TWO plus defenders that can play CF, so RR puts the geriatric out there that can hardly cover 14 square feet. I'm not even going to argue about batting him 2nd, the fact of the matter is, no matter what, RR's CF bats 2nd. There's no getting around that. I guess RR must be thinking Philly will be easier to beat in a 5 game series as opposed to a 7 game series?


If so, bring it on!

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Kotsay's a big enough butcher in a corner spot as it is. It's maddening that RR apparently thinks there's nothing left to play for. Why rest guys now, when you'll have two consecutive off days starting Thursday? Unless Morgan AND Gomez are banged up or something, it's just stupid.
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