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Need a recommendation for a restaurant in Milwaukee

Harry Doyles JD

I have tickets for a concert at the Riverside and am looking for a good place to eat near the venue (think date here) and also advice on parking for the event. Any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated!



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"Think date" could mean many things.... what are we talking for a dinner bill for two?


Trinity is close to there, good Irish food, would run you $40ish for dinner with drinks.

Mo's steakhouse is right there, literally, and could run you a small fortune for dinner and a bottle of wine.

You're only two miles from Sobleman's a relative hole-in-the-wall with one of the better burgers in town.

Mader's is maybe a mile away, slightly pricy, but very good German food.

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The Safe House isn't too far from there. Although you go there more for the experience than the food. Also might not be date appropriate, depends if your date likes spy-themed stuff or not. There is plenty of garage parking available in that area for a reasonable rate in the evenings.
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