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2012-08-03 Brewers (Wolf) at Cardinals (Kelly), 7:15 PM CDT [Brewers lose, 9-3]


Sorry, folks. The stellar graphics of pretendastronaut are not available tonight. Here are the lineups, though:


Your Milwaukee Brewers

RF Norichika Aoki

CF Carlos Gomez

LF Ryan Braun

1B Corey Hart

2B Rickie Weeks

C Martin Maldonado

3B Cody Ransom

SS Cesar Izturis

LHP Randy Wolf


Their Opponents

SS Rafael Furcal

1B Allen Craig

LF Matt Holliday

RF Carlos Beltran

3B David Freese

C Yadier Molina

2B Daniel Descalso

CF Shane Robinson

RHP Joe Kelly


Aramis is out tonight and perhaps for a few days more after receiving a cortisone shot in his ailing wrist.

My shirt is untucked already. How about yours?

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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"We'll listen to this ovation for Nyger Morgan. Wow, how about that? They love him here!


"Nyger and Chris Carpenter became great friends last year, and it continued into this year. It's funny how opposites attract. Tall. Short.


"Still cheering for Nyger as he heads back to the dugout."

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Axford just looks lost this season. He's obviously not figuring out whatever the issue is in non save situations. I'm not saying send him down to AAA just yet but its seeming like a better possibility as time goes on.
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You know what, even though they didn't overturn the call, I respect the homeplate umpire for 1) Asking for help on the call, and 2) Letting Roenicke have his say without barking in his face and giving him the quick hook.


It's a little sad that you need to put an umpire up on a pedestal for these simple actions, but you don't see it much anymore.

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Unfortunately, this team is incapable of beating quality competition. Although that Astros series was still fun anyway.

They've beaten plenty of good teams, just not at the same rate as the poorer teams. Funny how that works.

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Nice job by Wolf. Nice to be able to say that every so often.


On an unrelated note, Greinke got lit up like a pinball machine in his first inning tonight. Hope he settles down.


It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he got shelled the rest of the year and ended up having to settle for 5/$90 from us. :)

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