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Link Report for Wed. 8/22 - Doubleheader loss painful for Brevard; 2012 4th rounder Tyler Wagner making smooth conversion to starting pitcher

Mass Haas

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Brewer Fanatic Staff

Wednesday's Daily Menu:


All times are Central


Nashville: RHP Brian Baker at Round Rock (Rangers), 6:50 PM pre-game, 7:05 gametime


Free Live Audio Link


Jeff Hem is the new play-by-play voice of the Sounds; follow him on Twitter @jeffhempbp; we'll link to his blog updates at On the Air…and Off


MiLB.TV -- for subscribers; all Nashville games, home and away, will be available to watch via MiLB.TV's $39.99 season-long package ($9.99 to pay for a single month). We imagine the audio feed is from the home team. All MiLB.TV details available at the link.




Huntsville: RHP Evan Anundsen at Mississippi (Braves), 6:45 PM pre-game, 7:00 gametime


Free Live Audio Link -- Select the Huntsville feed from the MiLB main audio page


Alex Cohen is the new play-by-play voice of the Stars; follow him on Twitter @alexmcohen. It's fantastic that Huntsville is returning to what will be a traditional broadcast format this year. All games, home and away, are scheduled to be broadcast.


MiLB.TV subsciption note: Huntsville road games in four locales (Mississippi, Tennessee, Jacksonville and Pensacola) will be broadcast.




Brevard County: RHP's Drew Gagnon and Nick Bucci in a doubleheader at home vs. Lakeland (Tigers), 4:05 PM gametime; each contest slated for seven innings


Sorry, no audio available for this series...


Once again this season, Brevard does not have its own audio coverage. It appears two teams in the Manatees North Division (within which the majority of games are played) have audio, and all six teams in the South Division have audio (at least for their home games), so there will be opportunities to listen to approx. 70% or Brevard's games this season, just all from the opponent's perspective. There are no Florida State League games on MiLB.TV this year.




Wisconsin: RHP Chad Pierce at home vs. Cedar Rapids (Angels), 6:45 PM pre-game, 7:05 gametime


Free Live Audio Link - 1280 AM WNAM


Chris Mehring is back to do his customary fantastic work as the Voice of the Rattlers. Follow him on Twitter @CMehring; we'll link to Chris' infamous blog often -- Rattler Radio.


MiLB.TV -- for subscribers; Wisconsin is one of only two (Great Lakes) Midwest League clubs that have all their home games available via MiLB.TV; Chris' call provides the audio. So for the $39.95 season-long package, fans in Brewer Nation can watch all Sounds games, all Timber Rattlers home games, and Stars' road games from four Southern League locales.




Helena: RHP Tyler Wagner at home vs. Grand Junction (Rockies), 7:50 PM pre-game, 8:05 gametime


Free Live Audio Link -- Select the Helena feed from the MiLB main audio page


We're lucky to have Steve Wendt back on board for another H-Crew season.




Arizona Rookie (Maryvale): at home vs. the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers; 9:00 PM gametime; never audio for games in this league




DSL Brewers: at the DSL Tigers, 9:30 AM, although game data won't be available until late afternoon at the earliest

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Brewer Fanatic Staff



AAA - Pacific Coast League American Northern Division


AA - Southern League North Division


High-A - Florida State League North Division


A - Midwest League Western Division


Rookie Advanced - Pioneer League North Division


Rookie - Arizona Summer League


DSL - Dominican Summer League San Pedro de Macoris Division




NOTE: AAA Nashville, Rookie Maryvale and the DSL do not play a split schedule. When you click on a standings link for Huntsville, Brevard County, Wisconsin, and/or Helena, you'll then be able to choose 1st half and/or overall standings in addition to the current 2nd half standings.

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Brewer Fanatic Staff

We told you all week, so you're all set for tonight. Rattlers on Time Warner Cable Sports 32.




Remember -- MiLB.com subscribers can watch Huntsville live, plus the archive, for the entire Mississippi series, which concludes Thursday. This will be the Stars' final 2012 televised series.


All Nashville games remain available via MiLB.TV.

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League Leaders in Brewers Org.


MWL: League average .704 OPS, 3.87 ERA


Ben McMahan is 9th in BA at .293, 5th in OPS at .841 (19.5% above league average), 1st in 3B with 11, tied for 14th in HR with 12, tied for 14th in RBI with 63, tied for 10th in TB with 186


Brandon Macias is 14th in BA at .285, 12th in OPS at .806 (14.5% above league average), tied for 6th on R with 76, tied for 11th in H with 121, tied for 6th in 2B with 33, tied for 15th in TB at 179, tied for 12th in BB with 52


Chadwin Stang is 31st in OPS at .751 (6.7% above league average), tied for 6th in runs with 76, tied for 17th in H with 116, tied for 24th in 2B with 24, 4th in 3B with 9, tied for 15th in TB at 179, tied for 14th in SB with 25 (73.5%)


Jason Rogers is tied for 24th in 2B with 24


Nick Ramirez is 6th in HR with 15, tied for 14th in RBI with 63


Yadiel Rivera is tied for 14th in HR with 12


Max Walla is tied for 30th in BB with 45


Chad Pierce is 14th (of 43 qualifiers) in ERA at 3.43 (3.46 FIP), 26th in IP at 112.2, tied for 11th in K at 104, 12th in WHIP at 1.22


Matt Miller is 19th in ERA at 3.68 (3.87 FIP), 8th in IP at 132, tied for 19th in K with 95


Mark Williams is 21st in ERA at 3.72 (3.57 FIP), 19th in WHIP at 1.28


David Goforth is 38th in ERA at 5.02 (4.78 FIP), 7th in IP at 132.2


Seth Harvey is 9th in SV with 13


PL: League Average .771 OPS, 5.02 ERA


Adam Giacalone is 5th in BA at .337, 18th in OPS at .844 (9.5% above league average), 13th in H with 67, 9th in 2B with 14, 19th in TB with 87, 15th in BB with 25


Chris McFarland is 23rd in BA at .293, 12th in R with 39, 9th in H with 69, tied for 25th in 2B with 11, 18th in RBI with 32, 18th in TB with 91, tied for 24th in BB with 20, tied for 12th in SB with 11 (64.7%)


Alfredo Rodriguez is 27th in BA at .289, 17th in H with 61, tied for 12th in 2B with 13, tied for 29th in RBI with 27, tied for 19th in BB with 22, tied for 23rd in SB with 7 (46.7%)


Raul Mondesi Jr. is 25th in R with 31, tied for 8th in 3B with 4, tied for 22nd in HR with 4, tied for 29th in Sb with 5 (83.3%)


Michael Reed is tied for 28th in R with 29, 16th in BB with 24, teid for 12th in SB with 11 (91.7%)


Ruben Ozuna is tied for 15th in 3B with 3, tied for 17th in SB with 9 (75%)


Yonki Hernandez is 10th in steals with 13 (86.7%)


Leonard Lorenzo is 16th (of 19 qualifiers) in ERA at 5.17, 10th in IP with 55.2, tied for 7th in K with 55, 15th in WHIP (of 19 qualifiers) at 1.49


Brent Suter is tied for 23rd IP at 43.2 IP, 21st in K with 42


Will West is 29th in IP at 41.1


Martin Viramontes is 26th in K with 38


Connor Whalen is tied for 3rd in SV with 7


AZL: League Average .748 OPS, 4.82 ERA


Jose Pena is 20th in BA at .299, 14th in OPS at .877 (17.2% above league average), tied for 21st in R with 30, 12th in H with 50, tied for 28th in 2B with 9, tied for 2nd in 3B with 7, tied for 10th in HR with 5, 10th in RBI with 31, 7th in TB with 88


Clint Coulter is 24th in BA at .295, 19th in OPS at .863 (15.4% above league average), 16th in R with 31, 24th in H with 43, tied for 15th in HR with 4, 19th in RBI with 28, 31st in TB with 62, 4th in BB with 34


Jose Sermo is 26th in BA at .292, tied for 14th in H with 47, tied for 11th in 3B with 4, tied for 15th in HR with 4, tied for 24th in RBI with 24, tied for 19th in TB with 73


Khris Davis is tied for 28th in HR with 3 (in 6 G)


Taylor Smith-Brennan is 5th in BB with 29


Dionis Hinojosa 18th in SB with 10 (90.9%)


Malcom Dowell is tied for 23rd with 8 SB (80%)


Edgardo Rivera is tied for 23 with 8 SB (88.9%)


Angel Ortega is tied for 29th in SB with 7 (70%)


Joel Dicent is 18th (of 23 qualifiers) in ERA at 6.07, 16th in IP with 43, 25th in K with 37, 21st (of 23) in WHIP at 1.81


Danny Keller is 23rd in ERA at 9.80, 21st in IP with 41.1, 23rd in WHIP at 2.08


Zachary Quintana is tied for 27th in IP with 37.1


Anothony Banda is 28th in K with 35

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Sean Halton started at 3B for the Sounds tonight. He's never played anywhere other than 1B except for three games in LF for Helena in 2009. Interesting.



I wonder how long he's been taking ground balls at 3B? Hopefully he shows some ability there. It would certainly increase his chances of someday seeing big league time and they need room at 1b for Morris.


edit: Wow, look what the move to 3B did! 2 HR and 4 RBI for big Sean tonight!

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Lakeland (Tigers) 3 Brevard County 2 F/8


Box Score


Man, what a tough loss and at a crucial time. Drew Gagnon continues to impress, this time in a big time game. He recorded 15 outs allowing just 3 H 1 R 1 ER 1 BB and 1 HR. He notched 5 K and 2:5 GO:FO ratio. The fact that Drew is maybe 10th or 11th in the pitcher pecking order in the minors should have Brewers fans very excited. Just a solid prospect with room to grow. Greg Holle got 6 outs but he gave up the tying run in top of the 7th. Being a shortened game, that was not good timing at all. Alan Williams came on next and promptly allowed the winning run in the top of the 8th.


At the plate, Jason Rogers (1-3 2B IBB) continues his assault on minor league pitching. Nick Shaw and Cody Hawn each had two hits. All of BC's runs came on a 2-run shot from Parker Berberet. It was his 2nd with the Manatees.


Game Log


Nice bounce-back for Drew.


Lakeland Top of the 4th


Tyler Collins homers (7) on a line drive to right field.

Wade Gaynor called out on strikes.

Dean Green strikes out swinging.

Curt Casali called out on strikes.


Holle almost squeaked out of it.


Lakeland Top of the 7th


Dean Green singles on a line drive to right fielder John Dishon.

Offensive Substitution: Pinch-runner Matt Perry replaces Dean Green.

Curt Casali out on a sacrifice bunt, third baseman Mike Walker to first baseman Jason Rogers. Matt Perry to 2nd.

James Robbins strikes out swinging.

Hernan Perez singles on a line drive to right fielder John Dishon. Matt Perry scores. Hernan Perez to 2nd on the throw.

Michael Rockett flies out to right fielder John Dishon.


Williams almost squeaked out of it.

Lakeland Top of the 8th


Pitching Change: Alan Williams replaces Greg Holle.

Marcus Lemon singles on a ground ball to right fielder John Dishon.

Dixon Machado out on a sacrifice bunt, pitcher Alan Williams to first baseman Jason Rogers. Marcus Lemon to 2nd.

Tyler Collins hit by pitch.

Wade Gaynor flies out to left fielder Juan Sanchez.

Offensive Substitution: Pinch-hitter Luis Castillo replaces Matt Perry.

Luis Castillo singles on a ground ball to left fielder Juan Sanchez. Marcus Lemon scores. Luis Castillo out at 2nd, left fielder Juan Sanchez to second baseman Shea Vucinich.

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Lakeland (Tigers) 3 Brevard County 2 F/7


Box Score


Nick Bucci started the 2nd half of the twin bill for BC. He was what I would call sloppily effective. 15 outs allowing 3 H 2 R 2 ER 6 BB and 1 HBP with 5 K and a 5:3 GO:FO ratio. I am certainly optimistic about Nick going forward. Once he firms up his command again, look out. Eric Arnett finished the game with 2 IP but he gave up the winning run to Lakeland on a homer in the 6th.


At the plate, Joey Paciorek had a very good game going 3-3. Reggie Keen and Nick Shaw were each 1-2 with a BB and Mike Walker had 2 hits. John Dishon stole his 15th and 16th bases.


This BC rotation could be very strong again early in 2013. Gagnon, Miller, Pierce, Bradley, Moye, Goforth and Hall are all options. Although, the way Gagnon is going, he might be in Huntsville with Jungmann, Bucci and Nelson.


Game Log


That is just so Keen of him to do down 1 in a tight playoff chase.


Brevard County Bottom of the 7th


Pitching Change: Matt Little replaces Ryan Woolley.

Joey Paciorek singles on a line drive to center fielder Luis Castillo.

John Dishon pops out to second baseman Hernan Perez.

Franklin Romero Jr. grounds out, pitcher Matt Little to first baseman James Robbins. Joey Paciorek to 2nd.

Reggie Keen singles on a ground ball to center fielder Luis Castillo. Joey Paciorek scores.

With Nick Shaw batting, Reggie Keen picked off and caught stealing 2nd base, pitcher Matt Little to first baseman James Robbins to shortstop Dixon Machado.

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Final: Cedar Rapids 1, Wisconsin 5


Pair of early homers leads Wisconsin past Cedar Rapids


GRAND CHUTE, WI - The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers scored five runs in the first two innings and a pair of pitchers made those early runs stand up for a win. Wisconsin topped the Cedar Rapids Kernels 5-1 Wednesday night at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium. The Rattlers scored four of their five runs on two home runs as the 2012 team continued its assault on the franchise single-season home run record.


Chadwin Stang put Wisconsin (73-54 overall, 29-29 second half) in front on the first pitch of the bottom of the first inning. The Rattlers center fielder drilled a home run to left and made it 1-0 with his leadoff homer.


The Rattlers used the long ball in the second inning to extend their lead. Max Walla blasted a three-run home run over the wall in right-center with two outs for a 4-0 lead. Kernels starting pitcher Frank De Jiulio walked the next two batters. Then, Nick Ramirez singled to drive in one more run for a 5-0 lead.


Ramirez went 1-for-1 on the night and drew four walks. Wisconsin hitters drew ten walks in the game.


Cedar Rapids (48-80, 16-42) got on the board in the fourth inning. Andy Workman singled. A double by Frazier Hall drove in Workman to make the score 5-1. That was the only run Cedar Rapids would get in the game.


Rattlers starting pitcher Chad Pierce pitched six innings, walked three, and struck out six to put himself in line for his seventh win of the season. He left the game in the hands of reliever Kevin Shackelford.


Shackelford tossed four scoreless inning to nail down the victory and his fifth save of the season.


Wisconsin's two home runs on Wednesday night pushed their season total to 96. The franchise record for home runs by the team is 101 and was set in 2005.


Wisconsin and Cedar Rapids continue their series on Thursday night. David Goforth (8-7, 5.04) is the scheduled starting pitcher for the Timber Rattlers. The Kernels have Ryan Crowley (1-4, 4.08) as their scheduled starter. Game time is 7:05pm.


The Timber Rattlers are offering kids a chance for one last HURRAH! with a Back to School Summer Sendoff. FunPros Inflatables will be at the stadium and youngsters may also play free in the Kid Zone all night long.


Bring in a donation to the Community Clothes Closet School Supplies Drive and you will be entered into a raffle for a prize filled backpack from JanSport.


All fans can enjoy 16oz soda and beer for just $2 as part of Thirsty Thursday presented by Slugger's Sports Bar and 95.9 KISS FM! After the game, those in attendance can take their ticket stub to Sluggers Sports Bar - located in Super Bowl on Northland Avenue - to win Miller Lite drinks and prizes.


If you can't make it to the ballpark, tune in for the broadcast on AM1280, WNAM or timberrattlers.com starting with the Miller Lite Pregame Show at 6:40pm. Thursday's game is also available to subscribers of MiLB.TV.




Chadwin Stang (8th, 0 on in 1st inning off Frank Di Jiulio, 0 out)

Max Walla (7th, 2 on in 2nd inning off Frank Di Jiulio, 2 out)


WP: Chad Pierce (7-4)

LP: Frank De Jiulio (4-5)

SAVE: Kevin Shackelford (5)


TIME: 2:47

ATTN: 5,429


Wisconsin Box Score


Every Timber Rattlers starter except Lance Roenicke had a hit. Nick Ramirez was on base all five times, with a single and four walks. Max Walla and Chadwin Stang each homered. Walla knocked in three runs. Yadiel Rivera was 2-4 with a double. Rafael Neda went 1-2 with a walk and was hit by a pitch. Rivera, Ben McMahan and Brandon Macias all stole bases.


Chad Pierce turned in six solid innings, giving up just one run over six innings. He gave up four hits and struck out six. Kevin Shackelford pitched the final three innings for his fifth save. He did not give up a run and only allowed two hits.


Wisconsin Play By Play


Wisconsin Bottom of the 2nd

Yadiel Rivera singles on a line drive to center fielder Andy Workman.

Rafael Neda singles on a line drive to left fielder Gary Mitchell. Yadiel Rivera to 2nd.

Lance Roenicke grounds into a double play, shortstop Eric Stamets to second baseman Alex Yarbrough to first baseman Frazier Hall. Yadiel Rivera to 3rd. Rafael Neda out at 2nd.

Chadwin Stang walks.

Max Walla homers (7) on a fly ball to right field. Yadiel Rivera scores. Chadwin Stang scores.

Brandon Macias walks.

Ben McMahan walks. Brandon Macias to 2nd.

Nick Ramirez singles on a sharp ground ball to center fielder Andy Workman. Brandon Macias scores. Ben McMahan to 2nd.

Gregory Hopkins grounds into a force out, shortstop Eric Stamets to second baseman Alex Yarbrough. Nick Ramirez out at 2nd.

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Deja vu on the final score me thinks.


Helena 3 Grand Junction (Rockies) 2


Box Score


Game ball goes to Tyler Wagner. Just a wonderful start. He recorded 21 outs allowing just 2 H 2 R 0 ER 2 BB while notching 7 K and a sparkling 11:1 GO:FO ratio. It has not been the smoothest transition to the pros for Wagner, but many expected that. If this kid can be a quick learner, he may just be a quick riser. Big arm that just needs some direction and innings. Mike Francisco tallied a save with 2 scoreless innings and 3 K.


At the dish, Chris McFarland (1-4 HR) provided the big blow while Paul Eshleman (1-4) captured the GW hit. Adam Giacalone hit a 2B. So did Emmanuel Quiles and Jose Pena except both of them also added singles finishing the night 2-4. Pena and Giacalone each stole a bag too.


I just realized I have been spelling Eshleman wrong. My bad Paul.


Game Log


Wagner was perfect through 2 and no-hitting 'em through 4.1 innings

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