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Brewers make archive of in-game scoreboard feed available online




Ohhh, check this out. You can now view the in-game scoreboard feed from many (and eventually all) 2012 games - in case you were the fan of the game, your kid was the junior announcer, your loved ones were shown during the 7th inning stretch or on the pre-game fan cam. A DVD of a particular clip is $40, but you can embed or share the video too.


I love this idea. Audio is included, so I can spend offseason nights not only listening to games from the gameday audio archives, but watching/listening to these clips. I already found a clip where my nephew is standing behind the Sendik's red bag kid, hoisting a sign and waving. (July 27, 19:25 of the 2nd-of-3 video, in case you really want to know)


It's like the Brewers looked into my fan soul and knew just what nerd buttons to push. Tip of the cap, marketing team.

Remember: the Brewers never panic like you do.
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...does this mean we'll have more people trying to get on the scoreboard, since they'll be able to purchase a permanent reminder of that time they did that thing?


I'm sure it's a good idea from a marketing standpoint (not to mention, creating a revenue stream out of something you were already producing, as I'm sure the marginal costs associated with recording and streaming are relatively minimal). My fear is the unintended consequences; I don't want to sit behind the woman who brings 4 different signs & whose sole hope is that the camera will focus on her for 8 seconds*.



* - Not suggesting that there is a gender bias to being on the big screen; just that the last time I witnessed this behavior at MP, it was a woman waving the signs (and considering myself fortunate she wasn't actually blocking my line-of-sight to the field).

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Finally there is a way for me to watch every single sausage race.


Now we can determine how the Chorizo keeps winning /halfblue I think


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