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Waivers - Melvin's Strong History

Mass Haas

It may not make the biggest headlines, but if management of the 40-man roster is one of a GM's most important tasks, then Doug Melvin's waiver record is stellar. Now some may argue that this is because in most of the years of his tenure, the Milwaukee roster was not as strong or as deep as most organizations.


Note that not once has Melvin lost a player of any real value on waivers -- please pardon the formatting below, and feel free to note if there are any omissions, either by posting in this thread or via Twitter to me @Mass_Haas.


Dominguez , Matt 2015-09-06 Lost on waivers Toronto

Jimenez , Luis 2015-05-03 Lost on waivers Boston

Figaro , Alfredo 2014-10-02 Lost on waivers Texas

Falu , Irving 2014-06-26 Lost on waivers San Diego

Gamel , Mat 2013-10-03 Lost on waivers Chicago Cubs

Ransom , Cody 2012-08-31 Lost on waivers Arizona

Izturis , Cesar 2012-08-06 Lost on waivers Washington

Conrad , Brooks 2012-06-21 Lost on waivers Tampa Bay

Wheeler , Zelous 2012-03-29 Lost on waivers Baltimore

De La Cruz , Frankie 2012-03-16 Lost on waivers Chicago Cubs

Heether , Adam 2010-06-03 Lost on waivers Oakland

Iribarren , Hernan 2010-03-13 Lost on waivers Texas

Bourgeois , Jason 2009-10-26 Lost on waivers Houston

Swindle , R.J. 2009-08-07 Lost on waivers Tampa Bay

Pena , Luis 2009-02-15 Lost on waivers Seattle

Dillon , Joe 2008-10-31 Lost on waivers Oakland

Anderson , Drew 2008-01-18 Lost on waivers Cincinnati

Aquino , Greg 2007-12-14 Lost on waivers Baltimore

Liriano , Pedro 2004-12-07 Lost on waivers Philadelphia

Bausher , Tim 2004-06-07 Lost on waivers Colorado


Now look for the value in Melvin's waiver acquisitions --


Fields , Daniel 2015-09-10 Claimed off waivers Detroit

Jimenez, Cesar 2015-08-31 Claimed off waivers Philadelphia

Guilmet, Preston 2015-07-31 Claimed off waivers Los Angeles Dodgers

Dominguez , Matt 2015-06-16 Claimed off waivers Houston

Perez , Hernan 2015-06-02 Claimed off waivers Detroit

Peterson , Shane 2014-12-23 Claimed off waivers Chicago Cubs

Centeno , Juan 2014-10-31 Claimed off waivers NY Mets

Jimenez , Luis 2014-10-27 Claimed off waivers Los Angeles Angels

Falu , Irving 2014-07-17 Claimed off waivers San Diego

Herrera , Elian 2013-11-04 Claimed off waivers Los Angeles

Ravin , Josh 2013-09-19 Claimed off waivers Cincinnati

Leon , Arcenio 2012-11-02 Claimed off waivers Houston

De Los Santos , Miguel 2012-09-09 Claimed off waivers Texas

Gomez , Hector 2012-06-28 Claimed off waivers Colorado

Ransom , Cody 2012-05-23 Claimed off waivers Arizona

Stinson , Josh 2012-04-04 Claimed off waivers NY Mets

Bianchi , Jeff 2012-01-11 Claimed off waivers Chicago Cubs

Wilson , Josh 2011-05-25 Claimed off waivers Arizona

Herrera , Daniel Ray 2011-05-23 Claimed off waivers Cincinnati

Mercedes , Roque 2010-12-21 Claimed off waivers Arizona

James , Justin 2010-11-03 Claimed off waivers Indianapolis

Estrada , Marco 2010-02-03 Claimed off waivers Washington

Inglett , Joe 2010-01-27 Claimed off waivers Texas

Cruz , Luis 2009-12-07 Claimed off waivers Pittsburgh

Kottaras , George 2009-11-18 Claimed off waivers Boston

Koshansky , Joe 2009-04-03 Claimed off waivers Texas

Littleton , Wes 2009-03-17 Claimed off waivers Boston

Green , Nick 2009-02-12 Claimed off waivers Anaheim

McGehee , Casey 2008-10-29 Claimed off waivers Chicago Cubs

Coffey , Todd 2008-09-10 Claimed off waivers Cincinnati

Gardner , Richie 2008-03-31 Claimed off waivers Cincinnati

Munson , Eric 2007-10-15 Claimed off waivers Indianapolis

Salas , Marino 2007-02-01 Claimed off waivers Baltimore

Closser , J.D. 2006-10-13 Claimed off waivers Colorado

Balfour , Grant 2006-10-05 Claimed off waivers Indianapolis

Spurling , Chris 2006-09-08 Claimed off waivers Indianapolis

Mabeus , Chris 2006-05-16 Claimed off waivers Oakland

Perkins , Vince 2006-04-12 Claimed off waivers Toronto

Sorensen , Zach 2005-11-18 Claimed off waivers Anaheim

Turnbow , Derrick 2004-10-14 Claimed off waivers Anaheim

Narron , Sam 2004-09-24 Claimed off waivers Texas

Harper , Jesse 2004-06-03 Claimed off waivers Dunedin

Nicolas , Mike 2003-04-23 Claimed off waivers Mobile

Clark , Brady 2003-01-21 Claimed off waivers NY Mets

Podsednik , Scott 2002-10-11 Claimed off waivers Seattle


If the Brewers had been more patient with Grant Balfour, his name would be in bold above as well.


Close call as to whether to bold George Kottaras' value.


Still too early to credit the value on the most recent selections.


And yes, it's been a while since Melvin scored a real "hit", Estrada the last.

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Verified Member

I would bold Kottaras, and there are a few other solid enough role-players that were pretty good value for being essentially free.


Melvin has a strong track record in trades too (setting aside the strategic questions, like whether it was worth trading for Greinke/Marcum when we did), as well as minor league free agency (e.g. Narveson, Axford). I've always wondered whether Milwaukee's professional scouts are just better than its amateur scouts.

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Didn't we waive RA Dickey? Maybe not, I can't remember exactly what happened with him but I could swear he was with our organization at some level at one point in time in Melvin's tenure.


I'm pretty sure he wasn't yet throwing a knuckleball in the Brewers system.


Also, he was never on the 40-man roster, simply a minor league free agent who was allowed to leave after one year (2007).

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