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Marquette Basketball thread 2021-2022


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Exciting one. Glad for the new life into the program. Shakaball is fun; he can coach and he's charismatic. Wojoball was boring, coaching was suspect, and a nice guy, but not someone you're drawn in by. That said, we're still likely in for a long season.
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It really does seem like Badger fans typically also cheer on the Golden Eagles (except when the two play each other), but Marquette fans hate the Badgers. Is it some sort of "Little Brother Syndrome"? I don't get it.


I know this is true for out-staters (where I grew up), but my 10 years or so around Madison it seemed that the closer to Milwaukee a person was from the less likely it was that they could cheer for both teams. Heck, by the time I left Madison I hated Marquette; Now that I've been gone from Madtown for 10 years or so I kind of cheer for them again.

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I don't care for the Badgers even though my parents went to UW and I grew up with them being fans. I get on their wagon when they're really good but generally find them boring to watch. I've always felt like Marquette, while consistently worse overall, has a better chance to land the freak that would give them a lucky run. I'm not a huge college fan in general but MU being "little brother" is sort of funny to me. They're 6-6 with UW over the last 10 years or so and MU has by far the best player out of either program of the last like, 50 years. Both programs have had their share of fun teams during my lifetime. UW has been really bad a lot less, but it's not some glory program I would ever be jealous of. I grew up in the MKE area so that played a role too.
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last night i got to watch them for the first time. some observations besides the obvious that they have to work on their free throws.


Kuath seems to be an improvement over John who he was the obvious replacement for.

Morsell is also a massive improvement over the Carton / Torrence PG tandem that they through out their last year.


Kolek while struggling with this 3's,made them at the end when it mattered and that steal to score the winner was at clutch as you are ever going to see.


Having not watched their first 2 games, but seeing close games against 2 teams they should beat handily, this team will clearly be fun to watch and seem to play similar to Smart's VCU teams.

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I grew up going to Marquette games and then went to university in Madison. So of course I like both teams but am more loyal to the Badgers. I'm just glad that we no longer have Wojoball and Gardball at the same time because both styles of play are horrible to watch. I'll probably watch more Marquette this year because yesterday won't be the last time they cause problems for a top-ranked team. The end of yesterday's game was painful to watch, except for Marquette's hustle, which was phenomenal. They got us talking about Marquette again which is exciting.


The hallmark of the Wojo era was that Marquette got worse as the season went on. I have a feeling we'll see a different Marquette team in February and March.

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I personally don't understand why you have to cheer for both. I think it comes down to midwest nice. As a MU fan and alum, if there is a big recruit out there considering both schools, i am not happy if he chooses UW over MU and stays in the state.


This isn't the case in other states. I don't really think big Oklahoma State fans are happy when Oklahoma wins a game.


I get it, if you are not connected to one school and just a state college basketball fan.


That being said, I don't cheer against UW, but am totally benevolent towards them. Last night, I watched the Marquette game and turned off the channel, rather than continuing to watch the badgers and cheer for Providence.

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good test this weekend for Marquette. These preseason tournaments give you a decent barameter of where they are and help their SOS and RPI at tournament time.


Don't know much about Mississippi, but their kenpom is 53 (MU 88 FWIW).


if they win, i assume they get a date with West Virginia tomorrow (48 kenpom), if they lose they will probably get Elon (202 kenpom).

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Kolek and Morsell are quite the transfer duo.

Dont forget Kauth


Meh. He seems like a thinner, bouncier version of Theo John. Good defensively I suppose if he is in the right spot-- mostly stays out of the way on offense unless it's a put back or a wide open alley-oop.

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